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The decade from hell (or, things I learned from last week’s Time magazine)

<Disclaimer: Still sick, still bored.>

1. Contrary to popular belief, Al Roker isn’t always happy. Oh, and he wrote a book. A murder mystery called…The Morning Show Murders. How original.

2. A Quebec woman’s insurance company revoked her health benefits (she was on paid sick leave for depression) after finding Facebook photos of her looking happy.

3. Nothing good happened in the last 10 years. Oh, except for Harry Potter.

4. Boys with popular names commit the fewest crimes.

5. 39% of the annual 9,300 computer-related injuries in the US are lacerations from a sharp corner. Seriously?

6. The number of smokers in China (350 million) exceeds the number of US citizens. Holy crap, that blew my mind.

7. Glee is anti-Christian? Gawd, I *love* defensive, anti-Christian accusatory editorials…

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