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Spring in the garden

In the wake of our first [drunken] BBQ of the season, I started my veggie garden this weekend.   

Step 1: Manure, manure, manure.    

The culprit

The culprit

Step 2:    

Keep the wild dog OUT. Jasper has gotten spoiled with an empty garden for the entire winter, and he’s added the territory to his daily routine of crazed lap running. It’s time to cut his fun short. My first thought was chicken wire, but I opted for a slightly more aesthetically pleasing solution: stakes and twine. It was the perfect afternoon for my staking project, although Jasper was way more interested in my creation than I’d hoped.    

Step 3: Plan the layout. Because I was starting with early spring veggies, along with permanently placed strawberries, I decided to start planting on the west side of the garden. I planned to leave the east side open for late spring plantings, like carrots and beans. First, I planted a row of strawberries (three different varieties). Then I planed two rows of greens–a row of hardy bloomsdale spinach and a row of gourmet mixed greens. Finally, I sowed a long row of peas against the north edge of the garden bed.

Step 4: Label the naked rows. With the exception of the strawberries starts, everything I planted was still in seed form. My next task was finding a way to label each row, both for recognition and to ensure I don’t accidentally dig up any lil’ seeds. The eventual solution: chicken wire and packing tape. I clipped sections of wire, and made little flags with tape and permanent marker. Not the cutest plant markers in the world, but hey, they work! So far, so good.    

Step 5: Admire my handiwork! Next step, herbs in pots!    

The staked-off garden bed




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