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Sets on the beach

Let’s get one thing straight: Our volleyball team is terrible. Seriously.

The gracious losers (rather, Team Sets on the Beach)

Every Tuesday we step on the court, size up the other team, label them as dorks/losers/unathletic saps, and then we promptly get dominated. If it wasn’t so damn fun, it’d be a little discouraging.

Since our last few games have been scheduled at 9:30 (aka my bedtime), we decided to test a new strategy: Get drunk, then hit the court.

We’ve tested this new strategy for two weeks running now, and the results are in. We still manage to lose, but do we have more fun. My problem is I usually try to inhale an entire pepperoni and feta personal pizza 15 minutes prior to game time (along with half a pitcher of PBR), which generally doesn’t do good things for your ability to dive/hit/serve. I’m a work in progress.

Next week, we’re totally going to win. Or something like that.

Go Sets!

2 comments on “Sets on the beach

  1. Nicole
    April 8, 2010

    I noticed that you’re not wearing knee pads. Mistake?

    I’m on a v-ball team this summer at the beach! Can’t wait. I will be terrible. Volleyballs hurt my arms … (puh – thetic).

  2. stephchach
    April 8, 2010

    These knees are too sexy to be contained in something as degrading as pads. (I have bruises after every game. Big ones. Get them!)

    Sounds fun!! Is there a beach close? We might do beach ball, and I’m totally pumped!

    Get a good ball. It’s much easier on the arms. Those old ones from junior high were shit.

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