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Cranes and growlers

Sweet, sweet Luna

Adam and I had a great meeting this weekend–at our favorite brewpub–with the owners of Western Crane (aka his parents). We’re working together to create a Web site for the company. Beyond the obvious motivator for this project (namely, their lack of an online presence), it coincides nicely with the final project for my Digital Media class.

We discussed specifics over locally brewed beer and heavenly ahi tacos. I’m excited to kick-start the project, mostly because I’ve never created a site before. We’re constantly editing and revamping existing pages at work, and even creating new pages based on existing templates, but this is definitely new territory for me.

Adam has been digging through old pictures and sketching ideas for site design. He’s my go-to man for all things crane-related, and because his parents basically gave us free range on the site, my partner in crime. We’ve recruited Chach Photography (aka Doodle) to take some artsy-fartsy promotional shots. It’s a group effort.

I was interested to learn that they have absolutely zero marketing materials. No slogan, no mission statement, no service summary, no company history, no safety statement–nothing. They’ve survived (and thrived) for nearly two decades solely on word of mouth promotion. That’s pretty good lip service.

Now that we have our action items, the plan is to get organized, draft some rough statements, and locate electronic source files of images and graphics. I hope to recruit my sister (pretty please?!) into going over everything later this week, so she can get me pointed in the right direction.

And the highlight of the evening? Robert the Waiter–in all his mustached glory–finally convinced us to buy a growler. 64 oz of delicious Luna-weizen are all ours. Cheers!

One comment on “Cranes and growlers

  1. Nicole
    April 15, 2010

    In my experience, men with mustaches should always be trusted when the subject is beer. (Ahem – Peter.)

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