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Green: an unhealthy obsession

Before I share my fabulous new toy, a confession: I’m mildly obsessed with the color green. It wouldn’t be a problem except for the times when it is. Like the time I went to purchase [insert name of fabulous new toy here]. When I was wearing a green skirt, and a green sweater, and my green-patterned chaccos, and driving a green car. With my green water bottle in the front seat. And when I went to pick up my [insert name of fabulous new toy here] and discovered they only had the model I wanted in…green. Oh, and my laptop is green too. It’s cool, I’m awesome.

So, you’re obviously dying to know what my fabulous new toy is, right? (Pretend that I didn’t immediately text you with the news. Oh, and a picture.) I’m the proud owner of a kayak! It’s beautiful. It’s light weight. It’s…so freakin’ fun to paddle!

Bringing home baby (please note the green sweater)After recovering from the humiliation that was feeling like a helpless girl while the REI dude helped (ok, he basically did it himself) load the boat (and YES, I intended to buy the CANOE foam pads/straps because they were on super-closeout-sale), I took my new baby for a spin.

She’s everything I was hoping for. We launched down the hill from Chez Clemacharon at Lowman Beach, on the north end of Lincoln Park. I paddled south to check out the park from a new angle, then headed north to creep on the Beach Drive houses. Oh, and look at nature. Nature’s nice.

I took a few pictures of the shore (fotos soon to follow since Adam had the nerve to take his camera out of town for the weekend), and then the camera battery promptly died. And then, two seconds later, a cute, cuddly little seal poked his head up. Seriously, battery, your timing sucks. But seal, you’re cute.

Texted Adam to share my seal sighting:

Me: A seal! So cute :)

Adam: Skin it! Take its pelt!

Me: Gross! You’re sick!

Adam: Jasper will wear it as a coat while he kills neighborhood cats.

Me: You will burn in hell for all eternity *silently clubbing seal*

So that was great. I soon reached my destination. Because Adam had dropped me off, I was hoping to find a point farther down the coastline for him to pick me up. No dice. I didn’t have the steam that day to paddle all the way to Alki (my little arms were burning!) and the next public stretch of Beach Drive didn’t have any sandy access points. I had just turned around toward Lowman Beach, when it started pouring. Turns out I’m a little Seattle-stupid and forgot to bring my rain shell. In my defense, it was GORGEOUS all day.

Paddled back in the rain, with sore arms, silently chanting ‘you love this. you love this. you LOVE this.’ Made my triumphant return to the beach. Loaded that baby up and headed home for a hot shower.

Inaugural paddle was a [rainy] success!

Humble digs

One comment on “Green: an unhealthy obsession

  1. Doodle-meister
    April 20, 2010

    LUCKY! I have an idea-let’s paddle to Blake island! ;) hehe not far at all

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