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All things Seattle, sun, and vaguely weekend

Lettuce gone wild!

It’s impossible not to fall in love—all over again—with Seattle when the sun comes out. And when those rare bursts of vitamin C-goodness fall on a weekend, it’s damn near impossible to stop moving.

The weekend was gorgeous and jam-packed. Then…it was Monday. And it was rainy. And I was irrationally crabby, and in no mood to think back on the fun weekend that just had to end.  

Now it’s Tuesday, the good weather has returned, and the vacation count down is officially OVER! In an attempt to do as little work as possible today, here’s a brief recap of all things Seattle, sun, and vaguely weekend:

Sweet, sweet relief: Have I mentioned how good it feels not to rush home from a busy day of work, only to start a long night of homework? Being done feels so good! So good, in fact, that I’m finding the need to add some mental qualifiers to ‘done.’ As in, ‘done until June 14th’ or ‘done, then Mexico, and then not done anymore.’ As in ‘6 credits done, only 27 do go.’ *Sigh*

Your trash, our treasure: Saturday was the West Seattle Community Yard Sale. Think 200+ individual sales scattered over the greater West Seattle area. Think bargain frenzy! Think strategic yard sale maneuvering. Doodle and I, fueled by drip coffee and apple fritters, started early and prowled the territory between the Vashon Ferry and the Fauntleroy Junction. And we scored. I managed to keep my money in my wallet (let’s pause as Adam breathes a sigh of relief), but Chrissy found everything on her list for her new home. Success!

Paddle-date: With the Sickness and spring semester decidedly over, I finally got to take my new baby for a second spin. After a busy morning of bargain hunting, Doodle and I headed down to Alki (with a quick detour for a $10, one-wheeled second-hand Webber grill—the final item on Christina’s list) to meet Melissa for a kayaking excursion. In a word, it was perfection. Blue skies, great energy, and gorgeous views. Seattle, you rock.

Perfect day for a paddle with some of my favorites

Sweaty yoga ass-kick: The Sickness and the Paper Writing not only put a hitch in my kayaking plans, they impeded on my therapy sessions. Yoga therapy, that is. After a two week absence, Sunday’s bikram class worked me. Still a little stiff, but heading back tonight for a final pre-margarita-binge-drinking ass-kicking. Skinny-yoga-instructor-whose-body-I’d-kill-for, bring it!

Still sprouting: Did absolutely nothing in the garden this weekend (with the exception of proudly monitoring the progress of my veggie patch), so not much to report other than things are still sprouting! I have big plans to create my pea supports and bean boxes when we return from Mexi-land. Until then, let’s hope that Uncle Sean waters the green stuff while we’re gone.

Kate Nash and her VPL: Friday night drinks and concert-going with Liz 1, Liz 2, and cousin Kate. Good company, terrible show. Note to Kate Nash: Please reconsider the wearing of leggings. Your visible panty line (VPL) is highly distracting. Highly.

Cousin Kate and her CND: Saturday evening housewarming girl party at Cousin Kate’s cute new digs (CND). It’s hard to mess up a penthouse, and Kate did it proud with her adorable furnishings and shiny new big-people furniture.

Mama love: Mama C, I lurv you! Sunday, the day of all things Mama, was spent with Doodle and Mama C. We swung through the market for flowers and Seattle’s best gyro (thanks Mr. D, sorry Daddy C), then headed north for a quick visit to the grandparents. They were in good spirits and especially lucid. Highlights include Grandma commenting on Uncle Mike’s third trimester belly, Grandpa commenting on the Older Woman who lured him away from the Fiancee in Boston, and Grandma jokingly fearing for her life while being folded into the back seat of Cousin Sean’s gass-guzzling muscle car. We finished the day with a brief stop-off at Greenlake for java, a detour at Luna Café for burgers, and an evening visit at the parentals with Adam and Jasper in tow.

It’s probably possible to waste even more time on the company dollar today, but I should probably get some work done before HEADING ACROSS THE BORDER FOR VACATION!!! I ‘spose. If we get kidnapped by scary Mexican drug lords, I love you all. And Doodle, you can have the house, but only if you promise to love Jasper like your own flesh and blood.

Mexico, here we come! Orale! (That was just for you, Crys ;))

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