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The summer of deliciousness

I’ve set two lofty goals for myself this summer:

  1. Grow as much of my own food as humanly possible.
  2. Cook as many new, healthy, and fresh recipes as my little tummy can handle.

Tonight was a satisfying first step in the right direction.

I stopped off at the food importers on the way home and went a little crazy. I stocked up on the usual feta and kalamata, and then, on an indulgent whim, decided to treat myself to an expensive bottle of unfiltered Sicilian olive oil (for dipping) and dry salami (for snacking).

Once home, I recruited Adam into helping me with a new recipe from Sunset Magazine: chicken fajita burritos with feta crema.

(Side note to Mama C: Ok, ok, you were right. I do love Sunset. I want to try each recipe and every garden suggestion. Thanks for the subscription!)

After chopping up the veggies and leaving the chicken mixture to cook for a few final minutes, I headed out to the garden with my colander in hand.

I was a girl on a mission: It was time for the inaugural garden salad of the summer!

There was something sweetly satisfying about picking fistfuls of lettuce—romaine and red leaf—that looked somehow more green and more delicious than their sad little store-bought cousins. For added emphasis, I grabbed a few handfuls of mint, chives, and Italian parsley.

It's the little things...like the first salad of the season

Our early summer dinner was paired with a liquid nod to Mexico—cocktails of limeade and tequila, topped with chopped mint from the garden, of course.

I’ll raise my glass to a long summer of fresh, home grown food and good company. Who’s with me?

Any recipe that calls for feta is all right in my book; this one was more than just all right

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