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Home improvement baby steps

I’m taking baby steps, but one of my first home improvement projects is complete.

When we bought this house, we were lucky that the former owners had passably decent taste. They maintained the old character of the home and chose colors that worked nicely with the wood floors and the style of the house. The living room is a soft, buttery yellow, the dining room is accented with a dark green ceiling, my office is a neutral tan, and the downstairs bedroom is a pale lavender that’s slowly growing on me.

The upstairs, our sleeping quarters, is very, very white. White walls, white window shades, white-ish carpet, white cabinets—even the chimney is painted white. To compliment all that whiteness, the former woman of the house painted the window frames a lovely shade of Old Lady Blue. She paired that with a matching set of Geriatric Curtains. It was terrible.

Not to be confused with a retirement community, our bedroom

It took me the better part of a year, but I finally worked up the motivation to update the room.

It doesn’t take rocket scientist to guess the color I went with. That’s right, green. It’s just soothing, ok?! I decided to set off the green wall with a dark, chocolate pudding-esque brown.

After collecting hundreds of paint chips from Home Depot, I suckered Melissa into helping me weed through the uglies. In a matter of minutes, we’d decided on an olive green and the perfect shade of chocolate brown.

But, following an evening and morning of compulsively staring at the colors in the ever-changing light, I decided the green was a little…too green. Shocking, I know. I opted for a slightly lighter, less olive shade and called it good.

I woke Adam up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday with a cup of coffee, expecting him to be as pumped about painting as I was. Turns out, boys don’t care about accent walls. But he was a trooper and helped me reach all the tall corners I couldn’t touch even from my stepping stool and removed the hardware from the curtain rods and the non-functioning baseboard heater.

I spent the day painting two coats of green and repeatedly falling off the rickety stool I commandeered as my painting aid. Satisfied with Day One, we headed south for a BBQ at the Andersen Abode, before returning home to settle into a paint-fume induced stupor (or, sleep).

Sunday was brown day. While starting in on the prep work for the window frame, I got the bright idea to paint the door frame on the opposite wall (the entrance to the spare bedroom/nursery) brown as well. Which means…I spent the entire day falling off my stool and painting things brown. Oh, and drinking tall glasses of vodka lemonade. It was surprisingly nice.

Spare bedroom door, before

Nearly a week later, my new curtains arrived (taupe linen), and the makeover is complete. It may not look that awesome, but the room just feels so much better.

Our next upstairs project will hopefully be adding a master bathroom (complete with his and her sinks and showerheads, heated floors, and French doors opening up over the back of the house to the Sound). I’ll fill you in on that update after we win the lottery.

I’ll leave you with this unrelated bit of daily Seattle news. Our new mayor, who shares a name with Adam’s former roommate, is soliciting input on the things that our city really needs. The vote is ongoing, but a sizable number of opinions have been collected. Current top three (in order of votes): expanded light rail, legalized pot, a nude beach. Really, Seattle? http://www.seattlepi.com/local/420748_mayorsurvey27.html

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I’m trying to remain optimistic about three days of camping, kayaking, and beer drinking…in the driving rain. Cooper Lake, here we come!


4 comments on “Home improvement baby steps

  1. Liz
    May 29, 2010

    I started reading and thought the first picture reflected your updates since I haven’t seen your “sleeping quarters” in a while. I’m glad I was wrong, because I love the green and brown. So fab!

    • stephchach
      June 4, 2010

      Haha thanks for your faith in my decorating skillz. And now I want to see your new decor/color scheme!

  2. Crystal Martinez
    May 31, 2010


    Awesome job with the Home Improvements–looks great! I love the green on your wall and the pictures that followed up to your new and improved makeover.

    Have I mentioned how I now LOVE spending time in HOME and GARDEN stores, not to mention FOOD stores! It’s my new hobby, which is not a cheap one because sometimes I go overboard with my shopping items and then once they ring me up I am frightened.

    I especially Love Flowers, sooo much I’m thinking of throwing a Flower Party once the rents leave for Guadalajara this summer.

    Keep up the Passion,
    Love Ya!

    • stephchach
      June 4, 2010

      Thanks mija!

      Mmmm, food stores sound good to me! What are you making?

      And you should probably invite me to your flower party. K?

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