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Steph Loves Tom(s)

I’ve been patient. I’ve waited. And waited. I made my love clear, and I was certain it was reciprocated. But still, nothing. All that waiting gets to a girl. So, I decided to take matters into my own garden-gloved hands.

It was time to plant the toms.

The only thing that got me through yesterday’s very boring workload was the thought of coming home to my men-friends and getting dirty in the garden.

I made it to quittin’ time, braved the east side traffic, and came home to a few hours of good afternoon sun. Armed with a glass of flat champagne (I couldn’t let the good stuff from Melissa go to waste!), I grabbed my tools and headed outside.

Last year I wasted valuable garden space with beefsteak tomatoes that had some health issues. Plus, I just love the sweet little guys. So I made the executive decision to keep it small this year. After visiting the garden store, the lucky winners were: organic Juliet cherry tomatoes, sweet 100 (hybrid cherry), yellow cherry, and husky cherry red. Yum!

I hauled out the containers and got to work. A mixture of potting soil, backyard compost, and manure became the new home for my lovely toms. I added a few bamboo support stakes and a watering can’s worth of tomato food, and voila! The toms have been planted.

Husky red. Ain't they sweet?

Next, it was time to tackle the peas. I’d let them get a little out of control in my search for the ideal low-cost staking solution. This weekend I let my inner cheapskate win out (rare, but it does happen on occasion) and I opted for a twine/wire mesh combo.

I coaxed the overgrown shoots onto the makeshift lattice, and I’m crossing my fingers that it works as planned.

Twine for those growing closest to the garden 'fence'

...and mesh for the rest

Because we’ve had a wet, mild spring, the spinach and mixed greens I’ve been trying to grow from seed have been an epic fail. Only a few plants were able to sprout, and they looked a little sickly. I decided to clear those rows and plant two varieties of beans in their place. I’ll replant the greens later in the summer (on the optimistic assumption that it will some day get warmer).  

Picture this: Beans!

The icing on yesterday’s metaphorical cake was the installation of our first rain barrel!

Ever since scoping out Erin and John’s perfectly engineered barrels, I’ve been on the hunt for a used one to call my own. After looking and looking, I mentioned it to Adam. The next weekend, we had a free barrel in our possession. Hmm, maybe I should let him in on my scheming more often?

Last night, with minimal under-the-breath cussing, Adam got the barrel set up in the southeast corner of the veggie garden. It even has a hose attachment for easy watering can filling. Of course, now that it’s in place, we won’t have any rain for the rest of the summer.

Preparing its digs...

Ready for rain!

Now, the hard part—impatiently waiting for the first garden tomato of the summer!


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