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You know the saying: Denial’s not just a river in Egypt. Welcome to my Monday.

Today’s denial list includes:

-Summer classes. Starting today. Why did I sign up for two summer classes? And why does my least favorite person from the program have to be in both? And why did over-achiever Ashley already complete our first assignment?

-Monday. Is today. Work—why?

-Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Two weeks and counting. Let’s do some math. The half is in 2 weeks. The last time I went running was 4 months ago. The last time I went to yoga (there’s some cardio in bikram!) was 1 month ago. The next time my legs and lungs and will-to-live will collapse will be in 2 weeks. That was math, right?

-The house and its dirty-ness. Two camping trip returns and one bathroom ceiling fan installation later, I have yet to clean my house. It’s dirty; I’m lazy; we’re screwed.

On that note, happy Monday. I’ll leave you with this drunken goodness from our weekend trip to the Gorge to see the esteemed Mr. Thomas Petty…

100% sunshine + 75% vodka/25% lemonade = 200% drunkity drunk (it's a math-tastic Monday, what can I say)

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