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Road Trippin’

It’s Friday, and the sun is out!!!

I’m taking a sanity break from the mountain of homework on my desk. I stepped outside and planted a few things (a surprise gerber daisy for the Doodle, some trailing petunias for my until-now-empty hanging planter, and a sampling of herbs in a ginormous blue pot for my dad for Spyro’s Gyros), and now I’m trying to focus. And failing.

It’s always my goal to crank out a productive study session while I have the house to myself, but I usually end up wandering around the house or the yard instead.

Speaking of wandering…the weekend of the road trip is about to begin!

My beautiful, amazing cousin Erin and her wonderful hubby John just brought perfect little Jonah into the world. I’m not much for wrinkly newborns, but this boy skipped the awkward phase and went straight to handsome. Tomorrow afternoon Christina and I are piling into our Aunt Sharon’s rig for an overnight trip to Portland to meet the little one! Erin’s asked Christina to do a photo shoot, and I will be assisting her. And by assisting…I mean drinking a VL and oohing and ahhing in all the right places. You’re welcome, Doodle. Pictures soon to follow.

But before our Portland adventure, Adam and I are taking a mini road trip to Whidbey Island tomorrow morning. We found this awesome farm that’s run by a husband/wife team that both went to culinary school and briefly owned a restaurant in Chicago, before moving to Whidbey and buying an old farm. They restored the barn and planted a garden that’s bounty is incorporated into the deliciousness they cook. And…if it’s really as awesome as it sounds…I totally want to get hitched there.

Ok, so there are lots of places I want to get hitched at. Like this other amazing farm I visited this morning. It’s completely organic, and they just started doing weddings this year. The outdoor ceremony area is ringed by sunflowers, and there’s a gorgeous white tent (their website calls it ‘luxerious’) sitting on the edge of the fields. And they have lots and lots of flowers. And a pond, ringed by trellises with grapeleaves. And a fire pit. Also very awesome.

Here’s to hoping we find the perfect–affordable–wedding venue!

Have a great weekend, and let the road trippin’ begin! Well, after the homework, of course.

2 comments on “Road Trippin’

  1. Doodle
    June 18, 2010


    • stephchach
      June 19, 2010

      ack! i forgot that you read this. pretend you didn’t see it, and act surprised!!

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