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Nerd alert

I’m being published, and I’m totally geekin’ out!

For my program, the majority of our final papers are intended for submission to a scholarly publication. Our profs frequently assign us readings from Intercom–the journal of the Society of Technical Communicators–and encourage us to submit our own articles to the publication.

I wiggled my way around that requirement in my digital media class last term, and instead created a legacy document for Western Crane (to accompany their almost-complete website). But I did submit one article to Intercom; I wrote a piece on dealing with novice writers for my editing class.

I just got word today that they’re publishing my article in their July/August issue! It’s a lame-o article, and an even more lame-o publication, but it’s still pretty exciting for me!

Obviously, I’m using this as a reason for Adam to treat me to dinner and brewskis at Elliot Bay Brewery. After this I’ll have to start creating ficticious accounts of journal acceptance–I’ll basically do anything for a free meal and beer.

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