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Home sweet Chach casa

SOLD, bitches!

Doodle done bought a house!

Our little Doodle is ALL GROWN UP.

My darling sister Christina—lovingly known as Doodle—signed the papers on her new home today. She was calm and collected and mature as she signed on the line, over and over again. Barring any unforeseen circumstances (with the string of unfortunate events she’s encountered in her home buying process, the messenger is bound to get struck by lightning on the way to record the deed), she gets keys on Friday. Bring on the brewskis and pizza, it’s almost movin’ day!

For me, her selfish older sister, the best part of this momentous purchase is location. Her new home is approximately 1.2 miles from my home. Give or take a tenth of a mile. Hellz yes.

To document this new adventure, Christina has decided to embark on a 365 project. She’s started a blog, Home Sweet Chach Casa, where she’ll be posting a picture and anecdote each day on house stuff. Fun? Yes.

Now go forth and read it and love it. I’m sure she’ll wait at least a month or so before passing the hat for contributions to the Doodle Has a Mortgage fund.

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