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What’s your 1 THING?

There’s been lots of talk around the city lately of the 1 THING project. The idea is, sustainability and green-living is such an intricate, lifestyle-based thing that it’s hard to know where to begin. Some people get so overwhelmed by it all, or so turned off by the high prices of natural products ($10 for soap?! Does it wash and dry the dishes, too?!), that they do nothing. So, start small; start with one thing, and build from there.

I bowed out of the environmental advocacy scene because I felt like I wasn’t green enough (I’m a consumer—ok?! So shoot me!) to draw a paycheck from eco-driven donor dollars when I still had many elements of hypocrisy in my life. I still like to keep it green, but I’m definitely not the poster child for sustainable living.

That said, I’m trying, one thing at a time. So, I figured I’d share a few of my eco-tastic baby steps here.

For today, 1 THING numero uno: Don’t dump that aqua down the drain!

If you know me, you probably know how much I love to guzzle H2O. I take a water bottle with me most everywhere, and my house is littered with water glasses (hellooo, you need one in each room, just in case). But although I enjoy a cold glass water more than the next guy, I do create more than my fair share of dead soldiers. (Pardon the expression—I’ve heard it a little too often from the man in my life in regard to poor, left-behind beer cans. In my case we’re talking about water that’s been left too long and has started building its own dog-hair installation.)

Before, I wouldn’t think twice about dumping the stale water down the sink and tossing the glass in the dirty dish pile (oh yes, it’s a pile). But, turns out water is an over-used and under-appreciated resource, so now, rather than dumping, I collect.

I keep a watering can easily accessible on both the front and back porch. Any time I have some extra water—which really does add up fast—I pour it in a plant-water receptacle. I don’t feel guilty about refilling my drinking glass and my sweet little herbs are happy—everybody wins!

We also installed a rain barrel last month, so rarely do I need to use the hose to water my veggie patch.

It’s certainly not rocket science, and it’s free. Works for me!

That’s my 1 THING of the day, what’s yours?


One comment on “What’s your 1 THING?

  1. Doodle
    June 30, 2010

    Good call! I was just wondering how I was supposed to pay to water this darn garden. Good solution :)

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