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Pink hammer of goodness

My friend Melissa is gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime—a month-long trip to Bali with Habitat for Humanity.

Armed with her pink toolbelt and matching hammer (oh yes, it’s true), she’ll be travelling to Indonesia with a group of twenty-somethings from all over the globe.

The most awesome thing about all this is that Melissa decided to forego the usual selfish vacation options with the opportunity to do some good. She maxed out the vacation days she’s been hoarding for years, threw down some cash (to fund her trip and also to buy materials and supplies that will stay in the community), and took on the challenge!

I’m hoping she’ll start a travel blog, so we can live vicariously through her adventures. (That’s right, Melissa, I said it! On the Interweb! Now you have to do it! In fact, I double dog dare you! Booyah!)

The other awesome thing about her leaving was the excuse to hold a Wino Readfest send off. Liz made some gorgeous lotus-flower cupcakes of deliciousness, and we consumed a few bottles of vino in Melissa’s honor. And, if my inability to get out of bed this morning was an accurate indicator, the evening was an obvious success.

So, here’s to Melissa! I’m proud of you, and I wish you some amazing adventures! And I promise not to tell if you’re tempted by those hunky Aussie men in your group!

If you have some extra cash weighing you down, check out her trip page to learn more and to donate!

Or, you could donate to the Stephanie Should Go to Bali, Too! fund. In-kind, cash, or check donations will be accepted.

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