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Sweet, sweet Friday

This crazy work week is almost over. Almost. Somehow, this four-day week turned out to be an incredibly stressful and impossibly busy one.

I had a minor meltdown on Wednesday. Ok, so I burst into uncontrollable sobs in front of my boss, and then hiccupped my way through an explanation of my craziness. If she didn’t think I was unstable before, she sure does now. But seriously, why do grown-ass people at work have to be so STUPID? I mean, really. I did manage to pull it together and had a very, very productive Thursday. (An accomplishment for which I rewarded myself with a very large VL and a backyard tanning session. Who needs homework, anyway?)

Now, after an equally productive Friday morning, I’m taking a quick breather from my rapidly dwindling list of deliverables (thank the good lord) to breathe, soak in a little of this glorious sunshine, and post a little blog goodness.

 The post-holiday week in review:

That wenchie stole my date! (AKA, a wedding update): I’d been crossing fingers, toes, and all other bendable parts that the other bride (have I mentioned how much I love that all venue managers refer to ‘us’ as brides? Please, just call me a girl, or a lady even…) would opt out of her tentative hold on the wedding locale of my dreams. But, ‘twasn’t meant to be, and that wenchie stole our date. But, rest assured, we now have a hold on another weekend. Stay tuned.

The man who never gets sick is sick: Not sure how he accomplished this, but Adam is sick. The man never gets sick. I could sneeze and cough on him for weeks, and he wouldn’t bat a germy eyelash. He likes to rub this fact in my face, and mocks my obsession with hand sanitizer. But look who’s sick now! I’d gloat a little, if only he weren’t so darn pathetic. Plus, I’m a little peeved he had to get the illness on the nicest freaking week of summer. We could be boating right now. Sheesh.

Cousins, I love them: I’ve probably said this before, but one of the most awesome things about being back in Seattle is cousins. (You know, in addition to the whole Adam is Wonderful thing.) Cousins are amazing. Cousins that you get to see on a regular basis are even more amazing. Thank you grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles for having SO MANY damn children, if only for the cousin factor.

Cousin Liz! (Also, the photo that made me leave the house in the middle of the night to purchase Crest Whitestrips.)

The doodle is AWOL: How can I revel in our new-found proximity when you’re NOT HERE, little doodle?! Come home, please! (Christina is at camp for the next two weeks. It’s very inconvenient for me.)

It’s hot as Hades. Wait, HOTTER: I tend to fudge the Seattle weather facts when convincing friends to move to/visit the Emerald City, so for once I’ll be straight: It doesn’t get too hot around these parts. This summer—until now—has been no different. It’s been cold and wet and blaaaaah. The weather didn’t even improve for the 4th. Cut to Tuesday. Enter the heat wave. You Midwesterners can laugh, but this little Seattle girl is melting! I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE VODKA LEMONADES! (Too much? Deal with it.)

The inverse relationship between course requirements and motivation: As it would be, taking summer classes was a dumb idea. And the fact that a typical semester’s worth of work is condensed into an eight-week span is even dumber. Do these people seriously think we want to spend our entire summer months trapped inside on our computers? No. I’m not halfway through the summer term, and my motivation is seriously fading. Which coincides nicely with the many, many looming deadlines. I. Can. Do. It. (Maybe.)

Looking ahead: I’m trying to convince myself that this will be The Weekend of Homework and Productivity. The problem is, it’s far too nice outside for homework and productivity. But, since next weekend is Adam’s birthday and the next weekend is Robin’s visit and the next weekend my damn finals are due, I need to suck it up. So don’t go calling me with awesome plans for the weekend, I don’t want to hear it, OK?!

This has nothing to do with anything, but isn't my new garden table cute? I pulled an old window from the shed and attempted to recreate a table from Sunset.

2 comments on “Sweet, sweet Friday

  1. Crystal Martinez
    July 10, 2010

    Hang it there Stephy.
    Robin is coming to visit? I had a missed call from her the other day, but she probably doesn’t know that I can’t afford voicemail and she was better off texting me. ‘I need to get back at her’–holla!
    Speaking of visits, my grandfather and aunt are currently in Seattle visiting my darling cousins and uncle. Apparently everyone in Seattle owns somekind of boat. (What ever happen to owning bikes?)
    As far as the venue goes, I’m sure you had your heart set on that date, but things always work out in mysterious ways. You will still have the wedding of a life-time and we are still going to be your maids, unless you make me wear an ugly, unflattering dress. Jejeje–i got nothing but love for you.
    This weekend is Jackie’s 28th Birthday Party and she’s going the laid back route with a bbq party in her backyard (along our chicago river). Age is nothing but a number, only the older we get, the grandma-ish we become. “HELL No, H20!”

    • stephchach
      July 12, 2010

      Yeah! She’s coming the last weekend in July. Remember her friend Erin from Spain? She’s working at Whistler this summer (in BC, just north of Seattle), so I think Robin is flying into there and then they’re driving down to Seattle for a few days. Should be fun!

      And you will not have to wear an ugly dress! In fact, feel free to start looking for dresses that you like ;)

      Tell Jackie happy birthday! Hope you girls had fun. And you’re right–hell NO, h20! hehe

      Miss you mija! xoxo

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