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Seattle love

It’s been awhile since I shared any photo-tastic posts, partly because I’m trying to be a good student this term, but mostly because I dropped my camera on its head and it’s angry. Very angry. 

But never fear–who needs their ghetto, old-skoo point and shoot when you have the Doodle? The Doodle who comes complete with her photog bag of tricks (natural ability included). 

Robin and her lovely gal-pals (Erin and Brittany) made a weekend stop in Seattle a few days back after a week of touring around BC and the Olympic Mts. Doodle and I took them on a whirlwind tour of the city, and in true Chach Photgraphy form, Christina captured some amazing shots of a GORGEOUS northwest weekend. Enjoy! 

Dr. Robin Roecker, pre-arrival in the Caffeine Capitol

The girls rolled into town on Friday evening. Christina and I had spent the day rocking out at the Mountain Music Lounge…and in the Escape as we cruised through the Market, lower Queen Anne, and West Seattle. I took advantage of Robin’s slightly-later-than-anticipated arrival to work on one of my final papers. By the time they drove off the ferry, I was ready for a beer. 

After quickly showering and digging through suitcases for on-the-town attire, we headed out to Fremont. We stopped at dog-friendly Norm’s for a bite, and then headed to meet Doodle at the George and Dragon for a beer. 

Love this girl!

As the evening drew to a sleepy close, we cruised up to the Queen Anne look-out to get a full glimpse of the Emerald City, in all her glory. 

Me: See? The Space Needle. And Alki Beach? And Mt. Rainier will be there in the morning… 

Robin: Let’s talk about what really matters! Where was the Real World house?! 

We woke up refreshed and ready for a day of tourist fun. The girls dropped off their trusty rental car downtown, and we got a great parking spot close to the market. We hightailed it to Le Panier for buttery French goodness and a little java. Still craving more, Doodle and I pushed the group past the Piano Man and the vats of Beecher’s Cheese and ordered the usual at Mr. D’s (two extra-tsatsiki gyros–yum!). 

Stopped to eat next to some Johnny Cash accordion playin’ (just for Erin!) then strolled over to the famous Market pig for a photo opp. Next up, the Flying Fish! 

The girls got an awesome shot with one of the fish mongers. He threw them each a crab and posed with two giant crab legs lofted above Erin’s head. Nice. 

We did the usual lap through the market stalls and found some treasures, including a new handmade leash/collar set for Dan the Man (er, Dog). Erin and Brittany took a quick break in the Market Park while Robin, Doodle, and I headed for a coffee purchase at Tully’s and fed the meter. 

View from the Tully's outlook

Regroup. Potty break. Destination: Waterfront. 

We walked down the Harbor Steps and landed in front of the newly remodeled aquarium. Took a few photos on the water’s edge. Then took a few photos for the tourist couples that weren’t fortunate enough to have a Doodle with them. 

The groups! (sans Doodle)

We walked toward Ye Olde Curiosity Shop but got distracted by the sounds of a band warming up. Erin, in true DiFiore fashion, asked, ‘Is it time for a beverage yet?’ Oh, hells yes. 

Miraculously, we got an outdoor table mere feet from the edge of the patio. Sunshine, beer and/or wine spritzers, and musica–not bad for an impromptu Seattle Saturday. 

Beverage break

Two of my favorites. Please overlook the fact that I'm sheenin' like Charlie Sheen (as Adam would say)

Finished our bevvies and shlepped back up to the car to feed the meter. Of course, on the way, we had to take a quick stop to fondle a statue: 

Chach sisters gone wild?

Look at those guns!

Where to next? Gasworks Park! Again, got an awesome spot and hadn’t walked but a few feet before stopping for some photos: 

Girls! In...giant cement arches?

Made it to the water’s edge and posed for a few more to a backdrop of sailboats, kayaks, and seaplanes. Did I say gorgeous already? 


Seriously, it was one of those days that quite literally sparkled. Robin thinks Seattle was showing off, just for her. I say yes. 

A sparkly summer day on Lake Union

We walked up the hill to the Gasworks as a wedding was letting out. The best part of the scene–the wedding programs had all been fashioned into miniature kites. Christina captured this shot of a groomsman flying his program kite: 


After the park, we cruised through Seattle Center and took a few obligatory Needle shots. My personal favorite: Girls with Tiny Heads: 


On the way homeward, we drove through the Arboretum and along Lake Washington. Before heading home for packing (Erin and Brittany had tickets on a red-eye back to sweltering Atlanta that night), we took a detour to visit Erin, Diane, and sweet baby J. So big and so sweet: 

Baby Jonah and his lovely g-ma

In a continuation of our amazing luck, we got sidewalk seats at Duke’s on Alki for dinner. I ate more than humanly possible and gave myself a seafood side ache. It was glorious. 

Finally, it was time to break up the happy Espana reunion. Let’s pause for a *tear.* 

Bye girls! Thanks for a great visit!

Sunday was the Capitol Hill Block Party. Think music, beer, hot dogs, sunshine, screaming teens, and lots and lots of pot smoke. 

Robin and I dusted off our sundresses and hit the Hill! 

$6 beer break. Tiny, tiny beers.

We met up with Cousin Liz, the lovely Teresa, Devon’s awesome lady-friend, and the newly arrived from Florida Erin. Somehow, we managed to miss the Maldives while guzzling cheap strong drinks in the basement of ChaCha’s (while some freaky girl sang death metal with a stocking over her face–yikes!). Back above ground, we ate a few hot dogs and scoped out the scene. Took a detour to Bill’s for The Best Pizza in the WORLD (good thing I don’t live closer. their pep/feta mini pizzas are TO DIE FOR) where some 12 year old called me a blond. 

At some point along the way, I decided it was time to lift my dress up… 

Seriously, why do you people let me in public?

Finally, it was time for the Blue Scholars. My first time seeing them, and other than getting stepped on every five minutes by tweens, it was awesome. 

About this time, I apparently decided the hour was ripe for a lunge in Teresa’s face: 

Almost lost the girls! Whew!

And then, all too soon, it was time for Robin to leave. But not before my sister and I forced her into adjusting our backs. I was so impressed by Robin’s calm, steady explanations and by how freakin’ loud those neck cracks are. Whoa! I felt like a new woman after. 

Robin, thanks for making it out west. It was so good having you here, and I’m so glad your lady friends came too! See you next summer? I hear there’s a party of epic proportions in the works… 

I’ll leave you with this. Completely unrelated, but inexplicably awesome nonetheless. Bottoms up for a banana gorilla, B-Town style! 

It's not supposed to make sense.

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