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Highlight of the week

It’s been a long week. Finals + break-in + loss of many, many files + new-found paranoia = stressed out Stephanie.

Current highlight of the week occured this morning at yoga (during the final silent resting period when you’re supposed to be, you know, silent):

Fat smelly, sweaty guy: Psst, hey Stephanie

Almost-as-sweaty me: …hey

FSSG: How much weight have you lost? You look good girl

Me: Um…I’m not sure. Maybe 5 pounds?

FSSG: Oh really, ’cause you look good

Me: Oh…thanks…I feel good

FSSG: Yeah girl, you look good

Me: Um, thanks


One comment on “Highlight of the week

  1. Doodle
    August 5, 2010

    hahahhahah yessssss!

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