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Trash turned treasure

This weekend’s project was inspired by and created for my future mother-in-law. (Whoa—sounds weird, right?!)

While we were camping at the Stevens County property last 4th of July, Adam’s mom Lisa found this old piece of junk:

Apologies on the terrible "before" photo...the better version was rudely swiped from my home *pout*

It looked like it was the door from an old wood stove; it was heavy, it was dirty, and it was very, very rusty. So of course, I took it home.

It’s been sitting in the garden for over a year while I mulled over the possibilities. I kept coming back to the idea of turning it into a garden mirror. So this year, when Lisa’s birthday rolled around, I decided to finally get crafty.

First, I hit up White Center Glass and had them cut and place a piece of mirror. $15 dollars later, my trash was already looking brighter.

Next step: more prettifying. I found some opaque white and shiny blue glass stones at the craft store. Using Doodle’s mosaic glue (and a very heavy hand) I glued a pattern of stones to behind the holes down the sides of the door.

24 hours later, finito!

Happy birthday Lisa!

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