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Ten reasons why summer vacation is ten times better than summer school:

Strenuous post-work hikes—especially those that include vino, cheese, and baguette—are encouraged.

Mid-week paddle dates are mandatory. They also include water bottles full of lemonade and vodka.

There’s time for novel concepts like making dinner. Yummy dinner of note: spicy sautéed shrimp, shallot, onion, and organic heirloom tomatoes atop wheat pasta:

Tipsy, sun-soaked weekend float trips in Winthrop are guilt-free!

Sneaky homework sessions during working hours are replaced by sneaky, obsessive wedding planning sessions.

Lame obsessions, such as stamping, can be cultivated.

New traditions are created. Such as the First Annual Doggy Summer Camp (enrollment: 2)

Making time for yoga is no longer an issue. (Standing Bow pose I will master you yet!)

Tequila shots at Taco Thursdays are acceptable. (And tequila shots obviously lead to tipsy self-taken photo shoots in the kitchen with my hunny.)

There’s ample opportunity to play hookey from work to introduce my mama to our wedding locale! (Looking forward to the coffee, snacks, mini road trip, and a ferry ride on Monday with Mama C!)

9 more days of summer vacay. Mission possible: enjoy every remaining minute to the max!

One comment on “10

  1. Liz
    August 23, 2010

    one day i’d like to actually be able to join you at taco thursday. yay for no school work and all those other things.

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