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Things that I’ve been doing

Because you need updates on the daily minutia in my life.

The days that didn’t involve working

Last weekend Adam and I packed up the car, rolled down the hill onto the ferry, and headed toward the Olympic Peninsula. We took our time, enjoyed the sights, stopped for sloppy burgers at Frugals in PA, and made time for Jasper’s requisite puke break.

The drive through Olympic National Forest was gorgeous. Windy roads, low-hanging pockets of fog, and brief glimpses (and salty whiffs) of ocean—it was a great day.

Our final destination was Lake Ozette. We got the very last spot in the park campground and proceeded to silently taunt every car that drove through after us. (Polite? Yes.) We set up camp, mixed up a few adult beverages, and explored the area.

I forgot how much I dislike campgrounds. There’s something a little wrong about being crammed in like sardines in the great big outdoors. I love the privacy and adventure that comes with setting up camp in a wilderness environment…and some of that is lost in a formal campground.

The biggest bummer was that they don’t allow dogs on any national park trails. Which meant that we couldn’t do the two mile trek out to the coast—major fail. I had to settle for walking Jasper down the road back to the coast—not quite the same.

How could you say No to this face?

We took a different route on the way back home and drove down 101 all the way to Olympia. I’ve never been on that stretch of 101 before, and it was gorgeous! The sun was shining, and the waters of the Hood Canal sparkled and shone. Great day to be in the Escape with my two favorite men.

Day trip with Mama C

My mom and I drove to Whidbey Island on Monday for some wedding recon. Again, we were blessed with gorgeous weather. The sunshine and clear blue skies made the island that much more beautiful. I showed her around Fireseed, and we oh’ed and ah’ed over the flowers and barn.

Then we hunted down a few rehearsal dinner spots that Dave, the man behind Fireseed, suggested. The first was a little too small, the second was a little too stuffy, and the third was just right! Funky, hidden in the woods, lots of space, fresh and local food, good brews, and just a few miles from the venue. I’m now crossing my fingers that it works out!

After our wedding-related stops, we drove north along the water, taking in the sights and rocking out to Bonnie Raitt. We stopped in Coupeville for delicious, over-sized ice cream cones and a quick walk through the town. Then we headed back south and laid on the beach at Possession Point before taking the ferry back to the mainland.

It was a wonderful day. That night—after letting Jasper in the house and grabbing some brewskis—we headed over to Diane’s to see Erin and baby Jonah, up from Portland for a brief visit.

Jonah, looking studly in his sweet elephant PJs, regaled us with his silly noises, crazy rollover attempts, and timber sit-moves. Mama Erin was sweet and lovely as ever.

Garden things

Summer got to a late start this year, so I’m just now pulling delicious things from the garden. This week brought the first tomatoes of the season! Ain’t they purdy?

After weeks of dismissing the weeds and overgrowth, I finally rolled up my sleeves and tackled the garden. It was dirty work, but very, very satisfying. In the process, I discovered the first full-size carrots and beans!

Stamp happy

My DIY wedding vision involves lots and lots of rubber stamps. This week I started in on the save the dates, and, because I milked my PaperZone coupon for all it was worth, some early thank you cards.

I prepped all the STD envelopes, and I’m now in the process of addressing those bad boys. My mom gently informed me that address labels were in poor taste, and while I’m glad that I followed her advice, addressing 100-odd envelopes is a biatch.

Finally got the wording on the STDs printed, and I started cranking out the stamping this morning. I’m on a crafting roll, and it feels so good!

Visiting lady friends

Not one, but two lady friends will be in town this weekend!

Picking up the sassy Ms. Taylor Cassel from the airport this evening. We have grand plans to do some kayak exploration of Blake Island and some tipsy karaoke at West Seattle’s classiest establishment, Talarico’s. It will be glorious.

Then, the free-spirited Anna gets into town on Saturday. Not sure where we’ll end up, but I’m excited to see her face! 

I’m planning on enjoying every last second of this weekend, because, on Monday, fall classes start. Viva la freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom.

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