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Today in dog

This morning, after leisurely rolling out of bed—MY bed—slightly after 7am, Jasper slowly ran through his rise and shine stretching routine.

Exhausted, he sacked out under my desk for a little while. He then picked himself off the floor and moved his sleeping operation to his personal couch. When I returned home from a quick trip to the grocery store a half hour later, he’d retired to the bedroom. MY bedroom.

After an extended three-hour nap, he decided it was time for his afternoon barking routine. Once free in the back yard, he proceeded to:

  •  Dig a fresh hole in the center of the lawn. Upon chastisement, he glanced from side-to-side as if to say, ‘what’s that crazy lady yelling at, anyway?!’
  • Bark at passing cars, bicycles, and elderly women in the alley. (We take protection very seriously around here.)
  • Run in circles and chase his tail. Were it not for the Birds, he could have continued for an infinite period of time.
  • Continue the ongoing battle with nemeses—the Birds. A one-sided battle that consists of him prancing around the yard with his eyes trained on the sky, barking wildly.

 After cycling through his afternoon agenda a few times, he ran inside, gave me a wild, sloppy grin, and collapsed at my feet. Nap time.

Oh, to be this dog:


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