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Wedding firsts

In this first installment of Wedding firsts, allow me to present: the Dress Search, take 1.

Because my mama had a weekend of freedom (my parents closed the restaurant during my dad’s trip to Chicago), we decided to do some wedding dress shopping.

At the suggestion of Adam’s aunt, we headed south to Tacoma to check out the Wedding Belle. (But only after stopping at Burien’s new Grand Central Baking Company for something sweet, something eggy/bacony-delicious, and something caffeinated to power us through the day.)

The Wedding Belle’s windows were full of pink, frilly wedding things. Things that made me want to gag and run in the other direction. We briefly considered skipping out on our appointment, but decided that this might be the perfect location for an awesomely hilarious first dress experience to break the ice.

Turns out, we were wrong. Sure, they had their share of flouncy, over-the-top dresses, but they also had a few that I absolutely loved. Our consultant, Danielle, was awesome. She’s originally from Chicago, and we’d even lived on the same street (yeah, Kenmore!). Even better, she was easy to talk to, totally helpful, and very understanding of my dress vision.

By the end of the session, I’d tried on some laughable dresses (that I wouldn’t be caught dead in), some gorgeous dresses (that I couldn’t walk and/or sit in), and two near-perfect dresses (that were tucked away in my favorites).

On the way home we ducked into David’s Bridal to scope out the scene. I’ve heard lots of things about David’s Bridal (most negative), so I wanted to check it out. Talk about a completely different experience. Big, impersonal, dirty, and less than awesome. I tried on a few dresses and didn’t remotely like any of them. I think we can safely cross that location off the list.

So, we had a fun day of wedding girliness. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed dress shopping and even more surprised that I found a few that I actually liked.

I still have lots o’ shopping to do, but it’s heartening to know that it won’t be as painful as I’d anticipated. Bring on the [off]-white dresses!

My mermaid dress-clad derriere (Spoiler alert: this didn't make the top two ;)


One comment on “Wedding firsts

  1. Erin Adkins
    September 14, 2010

    Oh you gorgeous bride-to-be … can’t wait for the big reveal!!

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