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Nomura Love

If I haven’t raved about her in this blog before, I apologize. In any case, Erica Nomura is a she-wizard. She’s delightful, intelligent, beautiful, and amazingly talented. And yes, I have a lady-crush on her (oh, and on her lovely sister Morgan as well).

I was thrilled when Erica agreed to be our wedding photographer. It’s nice to know we’ll have someone talented and fun taking pictures on the big day. And, in an attempt to draw out this wedding-goodness for as long as humanly possible, I also recruited Erica to take our engagement photos.

As it worked out, we decided September would be the best month for pre-wedding pics. We vainly wanted our tans to be intact, the weather is typically still behaving, Adam hasn’t yet started the hunting season(s), and I wanted to include a picture with our save-the-dates.

If you live in Seattle, you know that we’ve had a pretty sorry excuse for a summer. There have been some trademark days of gorgeosity, but we’ve also had more than our fair share of rain. Weird, I know. So I spent the week worrying about whether we should reschedule or not. Then, convinced the rain was inevitable, I started gearing myself up for a true PNW photo shoot—complete with some liquid sunshine. I tracked down some fun umbrellas at my new favorite store, Moxie Papergoods & Gifts (Crystal, you would LOVE this place), and pulled the rain boots out of the basement. We were ready.  

This morning I woke up and cautiously peered out the window—hm, no rain. So far, so good? I checked the forecast for the millionth time and saw they’d predicted sun breaks between eleven and two, which was perfect because Erica would be arriving at Chez Clemacharon around eleven.

I pulled on some sweats and headed downtown for my Gene Juarez pamper session. It was delightful. I went all out and had my hair blown out and my make-up done. I even had by first fake-eyelash experience. I felt relaxed and beautiful.

As I tumbled out of the salon just before 11, I was faced with a wall of rain. Seriously? What about our sun break window?! It poured my entire drive home—at one point, it was all I could do to see the road. Not good.

But as I pulled up to the house, the rain miraculously let up. In the few minutes it took me to change and gather my rain gear, it had stopped entirely. And for the rest of our afternoon with Erica, it didn’t rain. Not a drop. Seattle, way to pull through.

We started on the beach at Lincoln Park and worked our way up into the tree-ringed upper field. We trekked to Pike Place for more pictures and a quick gyro break. And then we headed back to West Seattle for a few shots with our crazy dog/baby. It was awesome.

We had such a fun day, and Erica was so great! I’m excited to see the final results. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

E Nomura Photography, I *heart* you!


One comment on “Nomura Love

  1. Erica
    September 20, 2010

    YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!! *flattered and wuv’d* Thanks for a wonderful afternoon with you guys…and stay tuned for even more ridiculously cute pictures!

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