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Pike Place blooms

(Yes, I should be working on my Aristotle paper right now, but good looooooooooord, I don’t want to!)

In the grand tradition of cousins before me, I’ve decided to go the Pike Place market route for our wedding flowers. Thanks to some amazing local farms and some even more amazing aunties, it’s going to be gorgeous. (I didn’t just jinx anything there, did I?)

Because the wedding is almost exactly a year away, Adam and I took an early morning trip to the market to get a sense of what’s in bloom and what arrangements we like. Armed with Tully’s and the camera, we strolled through the stalls and captured a few snapshots of a day in Seattle, as told by flowers.

The market was bursting with sunflowers and a range of orange dahlias. I think these will be perfect in mass quantities atop our venue’s outdoor bar.

Love this arrangement. I’m envisioning dinner tables accented by simple whites and greens, with a little blue-ish/purples to add some fresh color.

Can we say dahlia heaven? I especially love the contrast between the crisp white and this deep, purpley black.

Here’s another favorite. I’m digging the splash of purple!

Really need to find out what those delicious balls of delicate green and white are called. Anyone? (Note: I had an epiphany after I hit the Publish button: Queen Anne’s Lace! Glorious!)

Aren’t those late-season lilies GORGEOUS?

Yet another round white/spiky purple combo: I’m in flower heaven.

Even more dahlia goodness. At this point, Adam was lagging five-feet behind me to avoid the shameful tourist label.

Yes please!

It was the perfect start to a fun, productive Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? Happy weekending!

One comment on “Pike Place blooms

  1. Erica
    October 5, 2010

    I ALWAYS look like a tourist in Seattle! And those flowers look DELICIOUS. CAPS LOCK 4EVA.

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