Seattle adventures, life, home, and coffee—in no particular order

A list of thoughts (bullet-style)

  • Damn you Doodle for making the most delicious-smelling and tasting loaf of pumpkin bread. I’ve since baked—and eaten—my own loaf of deliciousness. Hello, fall, complete with yummy smells, crunchy leaves, fuzzy sweaters, carbs, and calories.


  • Note to self: the next time you almost lose your still-new engagement ring, don’t immediately call your man-friend in a panic-y flurry.


  • Damn you Adam for buying bacon-blue cheese salad dressing. Can’t. stop.


  • Sometimes you just don’t realize how much you need something until you’re hit over the head with it. Case in point: I NEED a grodge:

  • Why are all the men I work with so GD patronizing? And why do I want to punch them all in the balls? Sheesh!


  • It’s very, very easy to confuse first and third gear in Doodle’s new Subaru. (Also very easy to speed in said subs.)


  • Strangely looking forward to a solo weekend with absolutely zero plans. Yoga? Long walks with the dog? Productive paper-writing sessions? Quest for the perfect couch pillows? Gray’s Anatomy catch-up? Yes, please.

  • Sometimes I dream of a having a job that challenges and excites me. Then I realize I don’t have the energy right now to start over again. Stay the course, Stephanie: stick it out until you graduate. Until then, mocking select co-workers behind their backs is perfectly acceptable.


  • Doodle managed to tear her ACL and fracture her femur playing an intense game of volleyball, a fact that translates to surgery and extensive PT. (Boo :( )But let’s look at the bright side of things: I can probably convince her to do my homework for me while she’s on pre/post-surgery house arrest. Muhahaha!


  • Is it possible to already be sick of wedding planning?


Although my inspiration is renewed when I look at oh-so-stylish pictures like this from the Inspired Bride.

  • Thursday night beers, shots, and tacos will only convince your body, come Friday morning, that it’s the weekend. Don’t be fooled! It’s Friday, and girl, you gotta bring home the bacon!!


  • Bikram: still inspiring, still sweaty. I love that yoga makes me feel good about my body again; Adam loves that it makes me less of an emotional basket-case.


  • Friday = coffee + sleepy dog + Tracy Chapman-inspired musica mix + thick slabs of whole grain bread + cozy pants.

Life is good, friends. Life is good.


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