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Foggy, fuzzy Wednesday

I’m dragging this morning. Yes, I made it to yoga (only after snoozing the alarm three times and pulling up seconds before the instructor locked the door for class), but my body is sore and in recovery mode from a couple of back-to-back intense practices. And yes, I’m nursing my AM coffee, but I just can’t seem to pull it together. And I set aside some time to get caught up on class reading this morning, but honestly, who wants to do that on a foggy, fuzzy Wednesday?

Adam’s finally home, so Jasper and I can finally sleep through the night again. Based on my sleepy funk this morning, I’d say we need it. But more than sleeping soundly, it warms my heart to round the corner on the way up to bed to be greeted by these two faces:

We started talking honeymoon last night. Now I’m excited…and ready for vacation. Do we really have to wait until next year?

The tentative plan is a quick post-wedding camping trip to Washington wine country. Easy, affordable, low-key, wine-tastic, and Jasper the Dog-friendly.

Then, come December, when I’m on break from classes (and ALMOST ready to graduate!!!) we’ll venture somewhere warm and sandy. My money’s on Costa Rica, but really, this girl would be happy anywhere.


The only thing getting me through this day is the prospect of hosting tonight’s wino readfest revival. It promises to be an evening of lady friends, yummy mojitos (with mint straight from the garden!), snackums, and gossip. My coffee’s kicking in just thinking about it…

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