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White flowers, bands of horses

The ever-wise Mama C suggested that, in addition to scoping out the late-September flower selection at the Market, I try my hand at a few sample flower arrangements and bouquets.

So I loaded up on a small assortment of blooms, dusted off the mason jars and twine, and got to work.

I thrifted a selection of larger vases that we’ll use for the outdoor bar and other non-dinner-type tables. For those, I’m picturing bursts of orange, namely sunflowers and orange dahlias. Nothing too organized, but lots of natural autumnal beauty.

For the tables, I’ll use mason jars (all reclaimed) and lots of simple white flowers. I’d like each table to be slightly different, but each to be a mix of white dahlias, gladiolas, lilies, and Queen Anne’s lace. I do love me some fresh white blooms.

As for bouquets, I’m in love with this gorgeous herbal blend (courtesy the one and only Martha Stewart, my new BFF):

I’m not sure if we can DIY this same level of herbal-goodness, but we can infuse a little eucalyptus (from the Market) and fresh lavender (from the front yard). I started with a few skimpy samples. I liked this, but they weren’t quite enough.

Again, I deferred to Mama C (why don’t you put them together?), and created something both aromatic and purdy. Love!

(Even Adam loved it.)

I’ll leave you with this. On the way out of town Friday, I bought some new musica from Easy Street (storewide sale! everything 33% off!). I’m digging this tune by Band of Horses. Not really fitting with today’s wedding theme, but a good listen, nonetheless.

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