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I dig a girl in glasses

I’m quickly making my way through a pot of strong Peet’s Coffee this morning in an attempt to counter the Pyramid Heff-induced head fuzz.

Cousin Liz and I met up yesterday afternoon at Pyramid Brewery for pre-funk drinks and eats before trekking over to Showbox Sodo for the Ingrid Michaelson show.

Despite the impossibly long line (all the way down First and spilling out on Holgate—really??) and a cousin that almost peed her pants during the wait (for the record: for once, I did NOT encourage her to go in her pants!), we made it safely inside before the opening act.

I’m an enormous fan of Showbox Market, and I wasn’t disappointed with my first Sodo experience. Sure, I missed the open bar layout of the Market locale, but the Sodo venue was hip and spacious, the bar tenders were funny, and the sound was good.

And Ingrid was…amazing. Hers was definitely one of the better shows I’ve been to. And her musical ability was almost topped by her hilarious storytelling skills. She regaled us with tales of a Twitter exchange with LeaAnn Rimes, an embarrassingly drunken encounter with REM’s Michael Stipe, and a self-deprecating account of how she’s always being labeled as “cute” (“I’m dark and deep, damnit!”).

Show highlights:

  • The inordinate number of men accompanying their lady friends—most of them passionately making out through the ENTIRE show. Girls: please don’t drag your man to a chick show. I don’t want to go hunting; Adam does NOT want to endure a lady-music-fest.
  • The live rendition of You and I: the entire band—including the openers—clustered around Ingrid for a rowdy, floor-stomping, clapping tune. It was glorious.
  • Ingrid’s loop-cover of R.E.M.’s Nightswimming. Seriously, my all-time favorite R.E.M. track. She rocked the loop and sounded like an angel. Nice taste, Ingrid.
  • A cover of Brittany’s Toxic, complete with a choreographed dance routine, performed by the entire band. It was epic.

Definitely recommend an Ingrid show. She’s an awesome musician and a wonderful performer.

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