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Yogadise Lost

Next week my yoga studio is pulling the plug on my beloved 6am class. The announcement dovetails nicely with the inevitable fall/winter laziness that sneaks up on me each year.

So, not only will yours truly be rudely shaken from her 6-days a week Bikram routine, she’ll be retreating to sweat pants, blanket forts, coffee refills, and cheese danishes. Let’s just hope I don’t have to try on any wedding dresses in the midst of all that. Winter Blues, bring it!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wallowing in the disappointing news. I feel like I’ve just gotten into a rockin’ routine, and now, it’s done. There was something to satisfying, and so efficient, about a good A.M. workout, followed by the work-day, followed by homework. Sure, it will all rearrange somehow, but not quite as nicely.

On the plus side, the owner of the studio was gracious enough to call me about the schedule change. Saying he owed it to me as one of the dedicated morning students, he apologized for the loss, and assured me that if/when things pick up, it will be the first class they’ll bring back. Ok, so I was hoping to get a free month or two out of the call, but nevertheless, it was a thoughtful gesture. But I’m still yoga-less.

Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for a winter routine refresh? Something like boot camp or a half marathon to train for…any takers?

I still have another full week of classes before they start with the new schedule. Until then, I’m going to milk the 6am goodness for all it’s worth. And then, sweet, sweet sleeping in, winter-laziness style!

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