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Book nerd luvin’

On this dark, wet Friday evening, I’m drinking wine, leisurely making dinner, and grudgingly working on my paper. But mostly, I’m having trouble getting over how freakin’ cute these book-loving little love birds are.

Green Wedding Shoes, one of my guilty pleasures, featured this cake topper from Etsy's Lace & Rubbish shop, in their Friday post. Love!

Adam left a message from elk camp while I was in yoga this afternoon. As I checked my voicemail while walking through the Junction, I almost thought he hadn’t left a message. Then, I realized he had left a whispered (so as not to disturb the elk?) hello from the top of the mountain (“it’s the only place I could find a weak signal”). It totally made my night. Mr. Stinky and I will be glad to have our man-friend back when hunting season is over.

[Hopefully] final dress outing with Melissa tomorrow, then an evening of ladies and vino. Happy weeekend all! xoxo

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This entry was posted on November 5, 2010 by in Books, Friends, Wedding.
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