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Techno-phobe, meet Canon

It’s no secret that Christina is the photographically-inclined sister; I am not. She is the technologically-savvy sister; I am not. Hence, yesterday’s status update from dear sister o’ mine:

Sadly, it’s true: I’m a techno-tard (am I allowed to say that on the Interweb??). But, since dropping my old point and shoot on the head this 4th of July, I’ve been camera-less, and it’s been painful. Thanks to my oh-so-wonderful man-friend, I’m now the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot G12—and it. is. glorious.

It’s compact, but powerful. I won’t bore you with the technical details…mostly because I have no idea what they mean…but it’s a sweet little high-end point and shoot. And, in my defense, I haven’t yet had to ask the woman behind Chach Photography a single question. So what if I haven’t attempted to move beyond the auto settings—I’ve got this, okay?! To date, the biggest challenge was attaching the neck strap after three glasses of wine—Adam enjoyed that little show.

Needless to say, I’m still not the photographically-inclined sister, but it’s going to be fun to play around with this little baby. The fact that it makes that satisfying click when capturing a shot makes the photo-taking process that much more fun.

(And yes, I’m sure Christina is cringing over the “selling items” I’m sharing here; she’d be [rightfully] geeking out over the technical features. Whatevs!)

Last night I forced Adam into taking some pictures around the house with me and Jasper.

Then I stalked him and the band at the Pink Door during our birthday dinner date.

Shortly after, we discovered his shirt was on inside out. I snorted vino through my nose.


This morning—after witnessing Seattle in all her fall splendor on my morning walk with Stinky—I brewed a pot of Peets and headed down the hill for a few quick shots at the beach.

They’re not good, but this camera is a blast! Christina, will you still be available for tech support when drugged up on post-surgery meds this weekend? I’m sure I’ll be in need of some expert advice by then: HOW DO YOU TURN THIS CRAZY DEVICE ON AGAIN???!!!

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