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Jamie’s five* minutes of blog fame!

It’s much more difficult to blog about lady-friends that live half-way across the country. It’s exponentially easier when those long distance gal pals make the long pilgrimage to the Emerald City.

Jamie was in town this past weekend, and along with her fabulous friends Molly and Ryan, we spent a hops-filled afternoon at the Redhook** Brewery in Woodinville.

We met up at Beth’s Cafe (home of the 12 egg omelette and the crayon-drawn interior décor) and drove NE to the town of wine and beer.

Because we arrived an hour or so before the tour’s start, we settled in for some hummus and a pre-tour taste test. (I highly recommend the Blonde Golden Ale.) It was a good chance to hydrate and catch up before the tour.

Our tour guide (we’ll call him Largent, if only because he was wearing his Seahawk’s jersey) was hilarious. Booming voice, quick wit, and generous on the beer pours: Jamie gives him six stars (on a five star scale).

He regaled us on the history of Redhook, the characteristics of a craft beer and their top-quality ingredients, the brewery’s distribution agreement with AB (or, for you lay folk: Anheiser Busch), and the brewery’s brewing agreement with Widmer, Kona, and Goose Island (Goose Island, native to Chicago, which earned Ms. Jamie an extra 5 ½ ounces of brew!).

Cons of the tour:

  • Not your typical walk and talk tour of a brewery. One and half rooms—that’s it
  • Um, do I have to come up with two? The commute, I ‘spose?

Pros of the tour:

  • $1 admission (really, can you beat that?)
  • Complimentary tasting glass! (a whopping 5 ½ ounces of goodness)
  • Oh-so-entertaining beer guide
  • Lots and lots of beer samples (full disclosure: I was definitely drunkski by the end)

Largent says this trolley driver can direct you to Seattle's best happy hours (because he's obviously hammered!)


No day at the brewery is complete until you take some unnecessarily awkward photos


Highlight of the tour:

Largent: “Most important ingredient? Dry hops. Yes, dry hops. Nooo, not like what you used to do with your middle school girlfriend—“

Jamie (shouting):Used to???”


Largent: “Who said that??”


Jamie: “…I did?”

Largent: “Excellent! Come get another beer!”

Some say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth; Largent begs to differ. In our beer guide's humble opinion, happiness is directly proportional to proximity to mass volumes of brew

It was a great afternoon filled with good company. Thanks for the tour, Largent, and Jamie, thanks for visiting the fair city of Seattle. See you again for a certain shindig next September!!

Jamie, adding Columbia, MO to the Beernited States of America. Done!


*Let’s be honest: the standard 15 minutes of fame are reduced to five here due to the low volume in site traffic

**Redhook: the only thing better than a good friend is a good friend that happens to be a tasty, handcrafted ale.

One comment on “Jamie’s five* minutes of blog fame!

  1. Liz
    November 22, 2010

    We had the most hilarious tour guide when we went. Plus, I think I got kinda drunk for a $1. Good tour!

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