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Three hundred and ten days and counting

Every once in a while, I log onto the Knot just to get a very, very exact look at how many days we have until the wedding, a habit that’s decidedly less embarrassing now that the ETA has dipped below 365. (I mean c’mon, how many crazies start their online wedding planning before they’re engaged when their wedding is more than a year away?!)

I also enjoy the emails I get from Project Wedding. Apparently, at some point I signed up for the Wedding Project Tracker (or something like that), so I get weekly emails that happily announce things like: “Stephanie! Your wedding project planning is 0% complete!” Thanks, Project Wedding. If I wasn’t actually functioning outside your Project Tracker, the overly-compulsive planner in me just might have a mild panic attack.

On Saturday we’re heading over to Whidbey for a menu tasting at Fireseed. I’m stupidly excited. Mini roadtrip with my baybay? Yes. Ferry ride from Mukilteo and back? Sure! Delicious and local organic eats created just for us? Oh hellz yes.

We’ve been digging through the sample menus they send our way, and good lord, it all sounds heavenly.

For example, there’s the menu from a wedding this past June, a menu complete with mirin marinated shrimp on cucumber boats; puff pastries with wild mushrooms and fresh herbs; mozzarella, pear tomato, and basil skewers; seared wild salmon with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil; prime rib with horseradish cream sauce; and organic green salad with edible flowers and aged balsamic. Yum. Oh, and every menu comes with an assortment of my favorite food group: homemade bread. Let’s just say I’ll be gorging myself come wedding day.

We’re also going to stop off at the café in the woods where we’ll be having the rehearsal dinner. It’s funky and laid back…and it’s going to be awesome.

Elsewhere on the wedding front, I’m in love with this New York garden wedding from Style Me Pretty.

It’s simple and elegant and completely gorgeous.

Who doesn’t love an autumnal gourd assortment?

I’m mostly geeking out over the Scrabble letters. I’ve seen this done before, but these are pretty perfect. I’m tucking this away in my box of Good Ideas to Steal:

It doesn’t hurt that the bride is absolutely stunning (in an effortlessly natural way):

Oh, and if you want to get really creepy (trust me, it’s cool), check out the bride’s blog: Birds with Brains. She’s smart and relevant, and it’s an all-around good read.  

Well, that’s enough wedding for the day. Time to finish up the work day and then head off for drinks and cheap tacos with some of my favorites! Cheers!

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