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Snowpocalypse 2010!!!

The Rain City doesn’t take too kindly to snow. Monday morning we woke up to a blanket of the white stuff, and it wasn’t long before the city went sliding and slipping to an icy halt.

Since Monday my news feed has been filled with accounts of unimaginably long commutes, road closures, Metro bus fails, frozen pipes, school closures, and a skidding commercial jet. Adam has been calling every few minutes to regale me with tales of stupid drivers and abandoned cars…meanwhile, he’s loving every minute of the cold and ice. The media—ever the dramatic observer—has dubbed the storm SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010!

But, in the midst of the snow-fueled complaints, something else has happened. The weather has brought out in the inner Midwesterner in a city of otherwise rugged individualists. Now I’m not talking about our ability to cope with the snow and ice—Lord knows NOBODY in Seattle can drive in these conditions—I’m talking about our ability to kick back our feet, relax, and interact on a very human level.

Seattleites are typically a little private and a little hesitant to engage in the lives of strangers. But bring on the snow and you have a whole city teeming with friendly neighbors, waving mittens, and grown men sledding down the road and giggling like a five-year old girl. It’s a little magical.

I’m working from home today, but the terribly slow internet and stubborn network connection are making it damn near impossible. Jasper talked me into taking a walk, so we bundled up and trekked down to hill to the Chach Casa (home of the Doodle).

Remember those accounts of frozen pipes I mentioned before? Turns out there was just one pipe-related fail, and it was at the home of everyone’s favorite first-time homebuyer: the one and only Doodle. You can read more about the frozen situation (complete with Pioneer woman-inspired snow melting attempts) on Doodle’s blog, Home Sweet Chach Casa.

By the time Jasper and I made it through the neighborhood and down the hill, Adam was already back at Doodle’s for the second time of the day. This time he’d brought the big guns: a propane heater and some pipe insulators. While we stomped our feet at the door and shrugged off our layers, Adam was lost in the depth of the crawl space, warming and covering.

Before we knew it, the pipes gave in and the water started flowing again. It was a beautiful moment.

On our walk, Jasper and I came across happy dogs and cheery-faced pedestrians. One man was out in his bathrobe, drinking a beer. Another was out in his car port, warming his hands by a crackling chimnea. Many an old-timer was out shoveling the walk. Nearly everyone we encountered raised a mittened hand and shouted a hello. I had to pinch myself a few times: are we still in Seattle?

Now we’re back home, safe and warm. I’m snuggled up in the office with tea and slippers; Jasper’s climbed back in bed (it’s hard work being a dog in the snow!) We’re waiting for our furry man-friend to return home, and then it’ll be time for an afternoon of soup, popcorn, and movies.

Snow day!

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