Seattle adventures, life, home, and coffee—in no particular order

19 degrees

Baby, it’s COLD outside!

So far, the chilly morning has been spent finishing what’s arguably the worst paper I’ve ever written (Francis Bacon and Renaissance rhetoric? Don’t care!) and slipping along behind a very excitable Jasper (he must be part snow-bunny; I’ve never seen him so damn happy).

I’ve got big plans for today. The heat is cranked, the slippers are on, the coffee pot is perking away, and the D.O.G. is curled up at my feet. I’ll be alternating between any combination of the following:

  • Sipping toasty beverages (coffee, tea, Trader Joe’s heavenly spiced cider—I don’t discriminate)
  • Working (although, the continued lack of a decent internet connection is having a negative impact on the whole work situation. Yes, I too am lamenting the loss)
  • Crafting away on my latest project (hint: it involves the world’s greatest invention—chalkboard spray paint)
  • Chopping, marinating, and taste-testing Papa Chach’s famous Kung Pao Chicken recipe (a testament to its deliciousness: it wooed Adam away from the pre-Thanksgiving King Wha tradition)
  • Crying my way through the second half of P.S. I Love You (like any real quasi-feminist)
  • Pulling Christmas lights out of the spare bedroom closet, a storage space that’s bursting at the seams, so if I disappear, you’ll know where to find me (there’s something about snow that’s just begging for white twinkle lights)
  • Trying to capture Jasper on video as he frolicks, tail-chases, and crazily races laps around the snowy back yard

The inclement weather internet is channeling the days of dial-up—which means I can’t even load a snapshot-in-[snow] time foto—so I’ll leave you with this. Quite possibly my favorite song of the season: Winter Song, sung by Sara B and Ingrid. It’s lovely.

Stay warm, Rain City!

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This entry was posted on November 24, 2010 by in Musica, Winter.
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