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Do epic sh*t

As we climbed higher and higher into the mountains yesterday, we passed a car—crammed full of hipsters—with a bumper sticker instructing us to ‘do epic shit.’ It was good for a laugh, but it also fit nicely with a weekend full of what can only be classified as epic shit. Let the foto-summary commence:

Doodle’s 24th

Christina knows how to party. Exhibits A, B, and C: (a) late-night birthday shots on Friday with her Burien birthday twin; (b) dino-themed birthday party Saturday afternoon with her 3-year-old birthday twin, Kelso; and (c) the consumption of a reported 14 drinks over the course of a girl’s Saturday night out in Ballard (birthday edition).

She looked adorably grown up <insert obligatory older-sister sigh of pride here> and she was backed by the full-force support of her posse of gorgeous and down-to-party lady friends.

My favorite detail of the evening: at Kings, Christina allegedly pulled a travel bottle of SKYY vodka (a party gift) out of her purse, dumped it in an empty glass, proceeded to empty the surrounding drinks into the same glass, slammed it, and then smacked her lips in satisfaction. That’s my sister, kids.

Epic shit? Check.

Snowy Christmas tree delight

The highlight of the weekend was a day of snow, friends, dogs, and beer. Tree permits (and Rainier) in hand, we bundled up and hit the mountains.

Snowshoeing was a blast (although I missed my Number 1 Snowshoe Comrade—Doodle), not to mention a rocking workout.

I had fun watching Jasper braving the deep snowdrifts and crunching through the top layer of ice.

Melissa looked as adorable as ever.

Clay was rockin’ the chainsaw.

Caleb was a champ, despite a bloody paw and an affinity for warmer climes, and Mama Liz was hillarious, as always.

The men-folk enjoyed some quality male bonding time.

And Adam? Well, he had fun doing just about everything he could get into. Adam’s escapades, in review:

Channeling his inner hipster:

Flipping over trail fences:

Climbing misshapen trees:

Emptying boots and wringing socks after forging the [icy] river:

Sawing, then hoisting, our now-traditional Charlie Brown Christmas tree:

After a few hours of tromping through seemingly endless Douglas Firs, Liz spied a small cluster of Nobles while peeing near the river’s edge. Mission accomplished.

We finished the day with burgers and pitchers of Manny’s at the North Bend Bar and Grill.

It was the kind of day that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy at the thought of the amazing people in your life. Epic? Decidedly so.

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