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TMI (or, a day in the life of me)

Abruptly woken up by Adam’s alarm; snoozed it  · Jolted back awake twenty minutes later by my alarm; snoozed it  · Reclaimed the blankets from Jasper, who was inching closer to my pillow  · Snoozed both alarms for the next hour and a half; snuggled in bed with Adam; listened to the rain crash against the roof; said things like “we should sleep in every day,” “I never want to work again,” and “Jasper! Move!” · Snoozed the alarm one final time · Abruptly remembered I actually had to go into the office today  · Pushed Adam out of bed and high-tailed it into the shower  · Took the world’s fastest shower  · Spent five minutes trying to convince Jasper he wanted to go outside in the rain, now falling in Biblical sheets.  Failed  · Spent five minutes convincing Adam to tuck a loaf of banana bread I’d made the night before into his bag. Failed  · Spent two minutes looking up current TSA regulations  · Spent another five minutes trying to push Jasper out the door.  Failed, again  · Loaded Adam and his bags into the car and headed toward Burien  · Tried the drive-thru Starbucks  Too full  · Tried the new Sbux in Normandy Park  Success  Not a drive-thru; tried to dodge the rain on the way inside  · Ran into Mark B from high school.  Pretended to know who he was. Whispered (too loudly) to Adam to figure out who, exactly, he was  · Dropped Adam off at his parents’ house.  Said hello to his family. Admired their Christmas tree.  Admired the kittens hiding under the Christmas tree. Admired the new placement of Melvin the Moose  (Melvin the very real, very large, and very stuffed moose)  · Said goodbye. Spent an hour driving to work. Got caught up on my audio book  · Got so caught up in my audio book that I almost missed my exit  · Got to work. Garage was packed because of the rain. Parked in the farthest, deepest corner of the lot  · Went to my meeting. Did some work. Drank some tea. Decided I’d rather be working from home  · Lost my car. Found my car. Started driving home. Remembered Jasper hadn’t been outside yet today. Drove faster  · Came home to a very excited dog. Let him out. Watched him run crazy circles in the back yard. Let him in. Watched him run upstairs to fall asleep on my pillow  · Did some more work  · Got a text from Adam: safe and sound in Texas  · Snuck outside to hang my cedar garland. Tried to take a picture of Jasper with the garland. Failed  · Went inside and did some more work  · Debated skipping yoga. Went to yoga. Got my ass kicked. Decided I was glad I went to yoga  · Went home. Took the world’s hottest shower. Fed the dog.  Cranked the heat.  Made some dinner  · Got another text from Adam: bored in Texas  · Forced myself to finish the research for my final paper   · Thought about my college girls. Emailed the college girls  · Worked on the outline for my final paper  · Got another text from Adam: I hate Texas  · Finished the outline for my final paper  · Started writing my paper  · Got bleary eyed. Decided it was time for bed  · Tried going to bed. Discovered it’s impossible to sleep without Adam  · Got another text from Adam: Can’t sleep in Texas  · Read an entire issue of Sunset Magazine. Found some recipes for mini holiday cakes  · Got an idea for my final paper. Wrote it down  · Didn’t have to convince Jasper to sleep on Adam’s pillow. Snuggled in. Fell asleep  ·


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