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Two weeks without the good stuff

I’m on day three of a two week cleanse. That means two weeks of horse pills from Whole Foods, healthy eating, and inordinate amounts of H2O. That also means two weeks without my lifeline: coffee.

Not-so-subtle plug for my new favorite: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

So far, there haven’t been any of the usual withdrawal symptoms—no shaking, sweating, or beating the dog. In fact, I feel pretty damn good. Of course, I’m also drinking more than my fair share of black tea, so it’s not exactly like I’m skipping my usual caffeine fix.

I’m also living vicariously through Adam’s coffee drinking. This morning I practically begged him to let me make his pot of coffee. And there I stood, inhaling deeply while grinding the beans—drawing out the task for as long as humanly possible—and pretending it was a pot of Peets just for me.

Nope, no signs of addiction here.

I’ve been eating lots of exciting foods, like raw carrots and whole almonds. Oh, and unseasoned salmon. Yum. And lots and lots and lots of herbal tea. The highlight of my evening yesterday was a dab of butter (ok, two dabs) on a piece of Macrina Bakery baguette. For whatever reason, butter is listed as one of the acceptable foods; certain don’t have to tell me twice.

I can see you squinting your eyes and tabulating the math. Yes, Christmas and all its associated food and drink goodness falls smack dab in the middle of my 14-day window. But my body was attacking me, and I had to fight back! And let’s be honest, if I stick with this thing until December 23rd, I’ll consider it a success.

I'm a glutton for punishment. Just looking at these espresso chocolate mini cakes from Sunset makes me want to die a little inside. I may have to make these little puppies next weekend...

Now pass me the spinach and kale—it’s lunch time!

One comment on “Two weeks without the good stuff

  1. Erica
    December 15, 2010

    Rooting for you, friend!!!

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