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Seattle splurge

I like a good splurge every now and again. And ever since the Four Seasons opened its doors on First Avenue, I’ve been dying for an over-priced overnight.

Luckily, I was able to convince Adam, Melissa, and Justin that they wanted to spend a day and night on the town, in a way that only the Four Seasons could offer. It was going to be glorious.

We caught the light rail in Tukwila and wound our way down MLK, through the tunnel, and into the city. Perfectly enough, the University Station was a mere block and a half from our final destination.

Greeted by deliciously warm outdoor heaters and cheery, red-faced doormen, we sashayed through a row of silver-crusted Christmas trees toward a crackling fire.

The eager-to-please desk clerk checked us in and extolled on the wonders of the Sound-facing outdoor heated pool. An outdoor pool? In Seattle? Ballsy. I was impressed.

Our city view room (aka: the cheapest room in the house) came complete with its own door bell—an adorable touch, if you ask me. The narrow view of the Sound, tasteful king size bed, enormous flat screen, and i-Home alarm clock were all trumped by the room’s best feature: the bathroom.The bathroom was the size of our bedroom. The tub was big enough for a small orgy and deep enough for a kiddie swim lesson. The tiled shower featured a ceiling-mounted waterfall shower head (Adam’s dream). And the mirror? Identified as an “electric mirror,” it was part reflective device, part television. It was awesome. I may have watched Home Alone—enraptured—from the ridiculously expansive bathtub.

As much as it pained me to leave the bathroom suite, the city awaited. On our way out, we took a brief detour on the fourth floor to check out the pool area. The outdoor space was carved from the center of the hotel’s core and was covered in a criss-cross lattice of lights. The pool, one of those classy edgeless types, had an amazing view of the water and the Olympics and was emanating waves of steam into the chilly winter air. The hot tub had an equally amazing view. We vowed to make it back before both closed at 10pm, but that wasn’t in the cards for this trip.First stop: Pitchers of Naughty Nellie and appetizers at neighboring Pike Place Brewery.

Stuffed, Adam and I grabbed a warm, caffeinated, post-brewery beverage, and hoofed it to Pacific Place. We fake-browsed our way through Tiffany’s in a thinly-veiled attempt to say hello to Julie. We half-heartedly looked for suits at Nordstrom before happily deciding to look at the Men’s Warehouse at a later date. We paused to listen to a rowdy group of carolers on the steps of Restoration Hardware. We found Adam some shirts; we almost found me some new yoga pants; we got presents for the last few names on our respective lists. And most of all, we spotted lots and lots of Your Teams.

On the way back to the hotel, we slowly walked through the dark and bustling streets of the city, ohhing and ahhing over the giant tree at Westlake and the impossibly long line for the carousel. It was a gorgeous night to be in Seattle.

Next stop: Don dresses and tights and boots and lipstick for dinner.

We met back up with Melissa and Justin, and walked up Union to Purple Café and Wine Bar.The place was packed, but we managed to get a table near the center bar—perfect for people watching. Kicking things off with a round of bubbly Proseco, the four of us ate, drank, and laughed our way through the next few hours. It was a pretty great night to be cozy, sated, and surrounded by friends in Seattle.

Last stop: A quick post-dinner drink in the Art bar at the Four Seasons. I may or may not have fallen asleep momentarily in my chair.

Back in our room, I fell asleep (ok, partially passed out) to a glittery view of my favorite city. Life is good, friends, life is good.

Sunday morning, before rushing off to Murphy Christmas, Adam and I grabbed coffee and gyros (and a few final gifts) at the Market.And while the fiscally responsible part of me (albeit small) later wanted to kick myself for instigating such a splurge, the live in the moment part of me was glad we spent a luxe night on the town, Four Seasons style.

Next stop: Implement pre-wedding budget cutbacks and spending freeze. But that can wait until 2011, right?

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