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[Re]claimed, [re]purposed

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of decorating with old windows. And, fortunately for me, the former owners of our house left a dozen or so old window frames in the back shed. Hello, craft projects.

For the first, we framed an enlarged shot of the Cle Elum River that Adam took on our way home from a backpacking trip in Salmon Le Sac. It’s almost like looking out the window to a soothing river scene. Almost.

The second, a smaller blue window frame, now houses a eucalyptus print from World Market. Both are hanging in the living room.

I love, love, love the use of these windows turned altar in this vintage Seattle wedding. (Sidenote: the gorgeous bride went to college with Doodle!)

My most recent reclaimed window fixation incorporates another of my favorite elements: chalkboards.

I’ve seen wedding album after wedding album that include casually placed chalkboards proclaiming quirky greetings and practical directions. My own wedding vision includes something of the same. I especially love this sequence of seating arrangements, a la chalkboard. (And please, forget you saw this here first by the time our wedding rolls around ;)

Cut to my discovery that a) the remaining frames in the shed were white, and b) Krylon makes chalkboard spray paint. How could I say no to such an obvious nuptial DIY project?

Turns out it’s a relatively simple process.

First, select and clean the frame. Check.

Next, paint the back side of the glass to prevent unwanted light from shining through. I used some chalkboard paint (tried this before the spray paint version—trust me, it doesn’t work nearly as well), but you could use anything, really.

Once the rear pane is dry, tape off the frame’s border with painting tape. Check.

Then, spray away! Two or three coats should do the trick.

Finally, rough the entire surface with a side of chalk. Warning, the sound is something like fingers running down a chalkboard. Sick.

Last step: go forth with your to-do lists and cheery reminders!

Repeat as desired.

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