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Brew, eats and…Slimer

After getting hooked by the Bear Tooth in Anchorage—and later, Big Picture in Seattle—I’m sold on the dinner/brew/theater combo.

Courtesy of a glowing recommendation from Jamie, I’ve been dying to hit up Cinebarre in Mountlake. Their tagline is “eat. drink. watch movies.”—really, can you beat that? Methinksnot.  

Then, this Friday, thanks to the man about town, Joey B., I was introduced to yet another Seattle-area theater of interest: Central Cinema.

After rushing to finish a semi-lengthy edit request that was sent my way at 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon from a co-worker who will remain nameless, Adam and I braved weekend traffic and headed across town.

Central Cinema is located on the cusp of the Hill and the CD on Union and 21st. Parking wasn’t a problem (score!) and tickets were a mere $7 (if you get your act together in advance they’re only a five-spot).

We joined Kelly & Nick and Joe & Uncle Steve for a viewing of that evening’s feature presentation: Ghostbusters.

The show kicked off with a rowdy audience sing-along to the movie’s theme song. We ordered pitchers of Manny’s, over-sized bowls of buttery popcorn, and a wood-fired cheese trio pizza before settling in for an eighties flash back.

Turns out I’ve never actually seen Ghostbusters from start to finish. It was like seeing it for the first time…complete with enthusiastic cheering and jeering from a roomful of hipsters. It was excellent.

[Correction from Mama C: I went to a drive-through showing of Ghostbusters in California when I was nine months old. My apologies for my blatant dismissal of my childhood.]

Three bowls of popped corn and one looong list of credits later, we moved to the restaurant/lobby for a final round of Manny’s. Uncle Steve regaled us with hilarious tales from NYE; Adam creeped on a display of crane-filled construction pictures from a recent Central Cinema renovation.

Good night on the town.

Review: Two thumbs up. The location and price were right, and the staff (especially the door guy and our sassy waitress) were friendly and helpful. Check it!

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