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Day 1: Fine coffee, fine print

Our coffee journey begins where all good things do—Burien, Washington, center of the known universe.

Ok, so it’s not exactly my first trip to Burien Press, but it seemed as good a place as any to start this coffee quest. Close to home and independently owned…and retailer of Caffe Vita coffee, Macrina Bakery, and delicious, over-sized biscotti. In short, my kind of café.

Meet Burien Press:


  • Address: 423 152 St SW, Burien (between Ambaum and 1st, across from the new public library building)
  • Parking: Non-issue
  • Walkability: Burien Press is within walking distance from all the action you could possibly scrounge up in B-Town. Across from Town Square and the new public library, you can easily walk to the shops, restaurants, and bars in Old Town in a few short minutes. It’s also walking distance from the transit station.
  • B-Town factoid: According to the Stranger, Burien is to Seattle what Brooklyn is to the Big Apple. That’s right people: embrace it.

Bevvies and snackums

  • Eats: Apparently I came on the wrong day. They usually have these delicious single-serving pies from High 5 and enormous (in size and taste) biscotti from Macrina. Today I struck out on both counts. *Tear*
  • Java: It’s Caffe Vita—need I say more?

Remote workability

  • Workstations: Aplenty! There’s a bar at the front window, bench-style work stations running the length of the café, a large community table in the rear, and lots of outdoor seating
  • Outlets: More than adequate: at least two by the community table and a handful along the row of benchseats
  • WiFi speed: Glorious. I was able to quickly connect to corpnet and never got disconnected–not a once

The scene

  • Ambiance: Modern, minimalist, and hip
  • People watching:  It was rather slow today, but I did get to eavsdrop on a B-Town Blog meeting. Plus, you can cozy up to the front picture windows and watch the foot traffic in the oh-so-thriving metropolis of Burien. Favorite overheard comment of the day: “Did you know that the man who did the voice for Mickey Mouse ended up marrying the woman who did the voice for Minnie Mouse?”
  • Musica: Semi-decent. The morning rotation was a little Florence and the Machine heavy. Around lunch time they switched to some jazz.
  • Cozy-factor: This is one of my most important criteria for the neighborhood coffee shop, and it’s sadly lacking here. Granted, it doesn’t fit with their simplistic, modern vibe, but sometimes a girl just needs a crackling fireplace, overstuffed armchairs, and shag carpet–right?

Coffee score

Friendly owners, tasty coffee, great location, lots of reading options, and very functional for working and studying. Could be a tad cozier, but take that from a grain of salt coming from the girl who lives in cozy socks, slippers, and mittens.

We’re grading on a ten-point scale here. Burien Press, you’re awarded a whopping 8.5 out of 10. Keep it classy. (And next time, keep those biscotti in stock!)


Day 2: Friday, January 14th

Destination: Café Ladro (West Seattle)

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