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Day 3: A coffee-shop case of the Mondays

Chalk it up to a case of the Mondays: Today’s coffee shop excursion was a bust.

Since Doodle and I had to be on the eastside for our weekly team sync at the Redmond campus, we decided to visit Victor’s Celtic Co & Roasters in downtown Redmond (7933 Gilman St). Victor’s came highly recommended by our lovely boss-lady, Michelle, who is obsessed with their foamy cappuccinos.

As luck would have it, Victor’s–which is located in the heart of tech-crazed Redmond–is decidedly anti-technology.

Case in  point:

  • Cash only. Credit cards are so over-rated.
  • When we asked the man behind the register (who, with his Irish lilt is presumably Victor?) if there was a wireless password, he quickly informed us that there was a very strict one hour limit to internet use because “this is a coffee shop, NOT a workshop!” Hmph!
  • Despite his stern guidelines, we decided to stay for an hour. Then, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t find a connection. Not-so-subtle reinforcement of the one-hour work limit?
  • The cafe has a handful of printed signs informing patrons of the aforementioned one-hour loitering limit…which applies to remote workers and students. Kids, this is the first success technique you’ll learn in Business 101.
  • Shortly after we sat down, Victor (or his Irish doppelgänger) made a loop through the cafe, wiping down tables and collecting mugs. He stopped at the table next to us–where two high school kids were laboring over a group project, sans computers–and told them it was about time for them to be leaving, after all, they’d been there for nearly an hour. Because a world where students actually make an effort to do their school work is NOT the kind of world we want to be living in.

The consensus: Sure, my cap was delicious, and yes, I was drooling over the mound of Nanaimo bars in the pastry case, but I’d rather spend my money and time at a place that’s a little more welcoming. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is slightly more fruitful.


Day 4: Tuesday, January 18th

Destination: the Sneaky Starbucks (or, 15th Ave Coffee & Tea)

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One comment on “Day 3: A coffee-shop case of the Mondays

  1. Liz
    January 18, 2011

    you should let me know what the hot cocoa situation is at these joints : )

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