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Day 7: Bird’s the word

This was my debut visit to Bird on a Wire Espresso, yet it’s been right under my nose the whole time. The cozy café is tucked away on the intersection of 35th and Henderson, one block north of Barton. Online reviews revealed that the Bird has a loyal local following. Because I love a good coffee shop—and because our neighborhood is lacking a good neighborhood café—I was excited to check it out.

Bird on a Wire, or, as they call themselves, the Bird, is decked out in bird themed décor. The result is an eclectic, funky, and cozy vibe. The café serves Raven’s Brew Coffee out of Alaska, Seattle’s Essential Baking Company, and San Francisco-based Mighty Leaf Tea. A colorful row of Raven’s Brew java prints lines the front counter. The baristas were friendly and warm, greeting most caffeine-seekers by name.

Seating in the Bird is also cozy. The space is small, and the two diminutive community tables are surrounded by bench seating. Over the course of the morning, I shared my table with a handful of other coffee drinkers.

My drink—the usual double Americano with an inch of steamed soy—was perfection. The barista conjured up the perfect consistency of foam…and she topped it with a gorgeous leaf. The pastry selection looked (and smelled) amazing (I was lusting over a hot and delicious bacon cheese pastry that someone ordered), and they even had a few gluten-free snacks.

Uber awkwardness

The highlight of the morning was a ridiculously awkward failed business meeting that took place at the table to my right. From what my fine-tuned eavesdropping skills could detect, Overly Anxious Man A was intent on securing a business deal with Highly Egotistical Man B, while waiting for Irresponsible No-Show Man C to show up. After nearly an hour of painful, forced conversation and long, drawn-out silences, Man B rudely informed Man A that they would most certainly NOT be doing business together. Man A proceeded to make desperate overtures at Man B in a pathetic attempt to regain hope of a partnership. Man B would not be swayed.

While this frustrating exchange played out, the woman next to me exchanged many an amused glance with me. The second they left the café, we burst into laughter. Sometimes all it takes is a little harmless laughter at someone else’s expense. That’s ok, right?

Bird on a Wire ‘Deux’

In December, the neighborhood café opened the doors of its second location further north in the Admiral District. The space was formerly occupied by Heavenly Pastry, and the bakery’s angelic treats will be featured in the new Bird nest. You can read more courtesy the West Seattle Blog here.

A Friday review

Bird was delightful. It’s got the genuine neighborhood feel that I crave, and a line of tasty java that I could quickly learn to love. If you’re looking for a remote work/study space, Bird will do the job for an hour or two, but it’s not the kind of place you can spread out and dig in for an extended period of time. I’ll definitely be back.

Happy weekend! It’s Friday evening, and I’m packing for Mt. Hood, baking gluten-free cornbread, and cranking out a paper on visual rhetoric.

Next week, the coffee shop work challenge will be back in full force. A trip to one of the Zoka locations may be in order for Monday. Stay tuned; stay caffeinated.

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