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Day 11: Let her eat cake

If we believe the name of its wireless connection, Arabica is da shit!

I sniffled and coughed my way through morning meetings on campus and then sped on over to the Hill for afternoon coffee at Arabica. Well, the coffee was just a front. I was there for the cake.

Wise Cousin Tess tipped me off to the homemade almond orange-zest gluten-free deliciousness at Arabica Lounge. It. Was. Amazeballs. Seriously, I may have licked the plate. The bitter Stumptown Americano was the perfect companion to the dense sweet treat.

Arabica is on the corner of Olive and Denny, just before Capital Hill spills over into downtown. The corner space is full of natural light and modern, chic decor. In addition to a food menu, the cafe serves beer and wine and hosts local bands in the evenings. The owner, Miami transplant JoJo Corvaia, wanted to create a space designed for hangin’ out. He wanted to celebrate simple food, music, and good beverages in an atmosphere were people felt comfortable to just…be.

You can read more about JoJo’s intent here. Better yet, visit Arabica for  yourself.

Let’s be honest: I’m not hipster enough for Arabica. Coffee was great (and really, you can’t go wrong with Stumptown) and the food was a delight, but Arabica just isn’t my scene.

So come tomorrow, the search for the definitive cozy coffee shop continues…

Yours in coffee,
More West Seattle than Capital Hill


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