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Day 12: Wood-fired bacon (and other tasty delights)

What started as a routine remote workday in West Seattle quickly morphed into an impromptu visit to the adorable Mount Baker neighborhood. Yes, it’s Friday, and we’re livin’ life on the edge–watch out world!

Mioposto is what I can only imagine it might be like to wake up in wood-fired pizza heaven. Everything about the place is welcoming–from the helpful baristas to the over-abundance of rainboot-clad, towheaded toddlers to the downright delicious aromas wafting from the open kitchen.

Although Mioposto is a little more cafe than coffee shop, it’s still the perfect place to pull up a bar stool and settle in for a few hours of work. From our seats on the west window, Doodle and I had the perfect view: one eye on the crazy kids running through Mount Baker Park and one eye on the creations emerging from the brick oven. Friday morning perfection.

Our drinks were artful and tasty, but they were topped by our free breakfast. We were treated to a spicy bacon and egg breakfast pizza that the kitchen had made in error–score! The combination of Tutto calabria chilli puree, pancetta, two over-easy eggs, mozzarella, parmesan, seasoned breadcrumbs, salt and pepper were more than enough to lure me away from my gluten-free diet experiment. *Sigh*

Quick and dirty review

  • Location: J’adore. It’s true I’ll vote for the neighborhood spot any day of the week. Today’s Mount Baker trip was no exception to my homebody rule.
  • Vibe: Warm, welcoming, and rustic…with just the right amount of independent funk.
  • Menu: Breakfast sammies and pizzas in the A.M., antipasta, salads, pizzas, calzones, and pasta in the evenings
  • Mioposta factoid: Owned by Seattle Eats (read: Coastal Kitchen owners)
  • Remote workability: Surprisingly good. We felt perfectly at home pulling up a stool and staying for a while. There’s a mix of bar seating, small tables, and community seating. Power outlets are a little sparse, however.
  • Kid n’ canine contingency: The family-friendly neighborhood is bursting at the seams with tiny humans and furry friends. If colorful miniature outfits and yellow labs make you smile, you’ll fit right in here.

The verdict

You really can’t go wrong with Mioposto. Whether you’re looking for a casual morning coffee, an afternoon work session, or a lively dinner with friends, they’ve got you covered. Oh, and try the bacon breakfast pizza–it’s a spicy delight!

Weekend, are you here yet? This caffeine addict is itchin’ to head to the mountains again!

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2 comments on “Day 12: Wood-fired bacon (and other tasty delights)

  1. Liz
    January 28, 2011

    That pizza looks crazy amazing

    • stephchach
      January 28, 2011

      It was! Although my poor little tummy is now in pain…

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