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Another snowy interlude

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m doing laundry and catching up on homework after a much-needed overnight at my uncle’s cabin.

Adam’s having man weekend in Winthrop and Clay was being a good student, so Liz and I headed over the pass (with our pups!) for a pseudo ladies weekend. It was perfect.

We were running late–suprise, suprise–but thankfully so were Uncle Brian and Bryce. We met them at the end of the road (during the winter, they groom the trail for snowmobiles so it’s closed to cars), threw our packs on our backs, and set out on the 4 mile hike. Despite the lightly falling rain, it was a good day for a walk.

Brian’s cabin is pretty incredible. He drew up the plans himself and built the cabin with the help of family and friends. (In fact, my dad made the iron brackets for the support beams.) It’s rustic and cozy and welcoming. We played games, read books, ate and ate and ate, rocked out to great tunes, and stood around the roaring campfire.

Our future cabin will look a little something like this...

Nice work, Papa C

Calistoga wagon wheel light fixture? Yes, please

Cribbage board table: Bill's idea; Brian's creation

Don't you just want to curl up inside?

Winter campfire!

Brian's a pyro. Case in point: this fire bear creature.

Jasper and I bunked with Liz and Caleb and Sharon. We woke to fat snowflakes falling through the impossibly tall cedars. It was a pretty nice way to start the day. After a tasty breakfast of eggs and hashbrowns and blueberries–oh, and Kathryn’s espresso concoctions!–we packed up and hit the trail.

A very tired stowaway

Now I’m home and wishing I was back in the woods.

Sweet dreams, friends. xoxo


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