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Lucky 13: Fuel

Mondays require an extra dose (or two) of caffeine, and what better way to kick-start the work week than at Fuel?

Doodle and I met X at the Montlake Fuel after morning meetings in Redmond. We shoved two tables together and worked and talked away over Café Vita-roasted coffee and High 5 Pie (apple for X, cherry almond pour moi). Pretty nice way to start the week, if you ask me.

Fuel fast facts

  • Locations: 3 in total—Capital Hill, Montlake, and Wallingford
  • Established: 2005
  • Owner: Dani Cone
  • Dani factoids: Fuel owner Dani Cone is the author of a book on coffee culture (Tall Skinny Bitter: Notes from the Center of Coffee Culture). As of 2008, she’s also the founder/owner of the vintage, modern, and delicious High 5 Pie
  • Grillaxin’ with Dani Cone: Check out Angela Garbes’ great two-part interview with Cone from Seattle weekly
  • Fuel coffee: Cone’s a former Vita barista, so her coffee shops serve Café Vita beans, roasted exclusively for Fuel
  • Fuel eats: In addition to the High 5 delights, Fuel offers Mighty-O Donuts
  • Vibe: Modern, indie, and quintessential Seattle

The Montlake café is spacious and full of natural light, and it’s decorated judiciously with a rotating display of local art. Seating options consist of round four-person tables and square two-person tables in the center of the café and arm chairs and bar seating along the front windows. Our remote-work party was digging the floor outlets.

The Montlake verdict

Fuel is pretty great. Location is convenient, coffee is good, and the space is perfect for working. The space didn’t have the little je ne sais quoi to move me from “like” to “LOVE,” but it’s a solid neighborhood coffee shop. Plus, it piqued my interest in the new Capital Hill High 5 location.

The week’s agenda

We’ve got an ambitious and Vita-filled week on the books…

  • Tuesday: Café Vita (flagship)
  • Wednesday: TBD (eastside)
  • Thursday: Zoka (Kirkland)
  • Friday: All City Coffee (Georgetown)

4 comments on “Lucky 13: Fuel

  1. Liz
    January 31, 2011

    I will be in Bellevue all week if you hit up a coffee place around there. FYI. Impressed by your commitment to coffee!

  2. stephchach
    January 31, 2011

    We have a work date with our vendor gal pals at the Kirkland Zoka from 9 to noon on Thursday if you’re interested in venturing further into the eastside!

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