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15 Days of Coffee: Meeting at the Met

In keeping with the week’s unofficial theme, today’s stop serves freshly-made sandwiches, Washington wine, and—you guessed it—Caffé Vita.

I scheduled some meeting time with the boss lady, and because she likes going into the office about as much as I do, we decided to pow-wow over lattes and pastries. With Michelle at the helm, this whole working thing isn’t half bad.

Michelle, a former Rentonite (now Newcastle non-native), suggested the Met Café and Wine Bar in downtown Renton. I agreed, secretly hoping there’d be some wine drinking involved. Doodle joined in the remote work party.

The Met was cute, in a Renton kind of way. It was colorful and overflowing with decor. The far wall was accented by shelf upon shelf of wine bottles. Michelle and I seated ourselves at one of three large tables; Doodle opted for a couch near the faux-fireplace.

Tasty eats. Michelle ordered an antipasto plate and a hummus sampler for the table

The Met, in summary


  • Proximity to mass amounts of vino—me likey
  • Vita brew
  • Quality eavesdropping: the barista gossip was a source of non-stop entertainment


  • Coffee presentation and foam quality (note: non-velvety foam is such a buzz kill)
  • Slightly tacky décor/vibe (glowing clusters of grapes—really?)
  • Michelle’s car was broken into while we were there

Renton, you pleasantly surprised me today. But in the future, remember this decorating mantra: less is more. And yes, I’m talking about the luminescent grape clusters.

Looking ahead

Tomorrow I’ll be cruising on over to Kirkland to meet the work ladies at Zoka. Then, to finish with a Vita-filled bang, I’ll be working solo from All City in Georgetown. See you then!

Oh, and plans for next week are falling into place. We’re thinking Victrola and Cafe Fiore, among others. Who wants to join me and Doodle??

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